Friday, December 01, 2006

The Holiday Spirit

I love Christmas. I always have and -I'm quite sure- always will. It's a little kid kind of feeling that wants to reach out and share the holiday spirit with everyone I meet. Yes, I am one of those people. My house actually boasted a decorated tree all this last year. Every holiday that past earned it a different sash or boa. I just couldn't bear to take it down.
Yep I even sing Christmas songs. (grin)

This year I will be offering a story set at Christmas time through Cobblestone Press. Destiny is also book two in my Eagle Clan series. Check out more about it on my website.

The best part about Christmas isn't the getting of presents, though that is pretty nice. No... the best part is the giving. I totally love giving. So this year I am giving a ton of stuff away with my Tinsel Tag game. But that wasn't enough. I had to give more. All of my short work available through will be free for the whole month of December. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.

who is thinking about a new short story which may be titled Holiday Spirit.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tinsel Tag

This year to celebrate the holidays,
I am trying out a new game. Everyone is welcome to play 2006 Tinsel Tag. The object of the game is to follow clues and answer questions through a maze of website pages until you reach the grand prize page.
The game begins after Thanksgiving and runs until Christmas.
The grand prize winner will be drawn from all qualified entries on the morning of December 25th and posted for that day. The winner will receive 5 L. Shannon ebooks of their choice, a $20.00 gift certificate to Cobblestone Press, 2 signed L. Shannon print books and more if I can think of ways to throw it in.
Don't delay! I will also be offering early bird prizes.
To play go to and follow the directions you find there.
(if you are already playing the game... you reached this page with a wrong answer, but don't give up. Just hit your back button and try again.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Giving Thanks

This time of year, I can't help but take a moment to think about all I have to be grateful for and I have a ton of it. The biggest is of course the good health of my family and myself. This was a particularly hard year but well came through it mostly unscathed.

I'm also thankful to the supportive people in my life. Not al show it in the same ways, but most have some way of supporting me and my dreams. I know that my current dream of becoming a self sustaining writer is not one they all approve of but each of my loved ones has tried to understand it.

Ironically, I also thank my former boss, who "let me go". Without being set loose, I never would have put so much time and effort into my writing. I'm certain I wouldn't now have 6 books ePublished and available to the public and 2 more under contract.

I thank the writers and other professionals who have helped me to get those 8 books written, critiqued, edited, provided cover art, reviewed and promoted. And I thank the readers who have been so wonderful about sharing their kind thoughts and reviews.

As a thank you I will be offering a huge contest that will be starting this week and continue through December 25th. Watch for my next post about the contest titled TINSEL TAG.

editing to Tool

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October news

Sorry to say that the world conspired against my meager organizational skills and defeated them easily. There will be no newsletter for October. I am working on one that should come out in the beginning of November. The next news will include the newsletter member prizes for both months. Which means... lots of freebies. watch for it!

back to trying to put words together...
For more than 20 years of my life I listened to country music. For 8 more I listened to soft pop music. All of that was scattered with a diverse mix of songs from other categories that spoke to me at that point in my life.

Since I began writing... The soundtrack for my life has changed.

My muse has very different tastes from those styles of music which I thought I enjoyed. He (because it must be a he... Irritating a$$ that he is) insists I listen to Rock... Specifically, Alternative/ Grunge/ hardcore/ hard rock/ metal... I think you get the idea. My muse is a punk.

But don't get me wrong, I still love him and don't want him to run away from home.But I do notice that the words flow easier for my tough guys when they have their own music. Yes different characters prefer different artists... I have Dan who is fond of LIVE. I actually only like a couple of their songs, but he loves them and insisted I buy their music. (I did) And on the far side I have another fellow who loves SLAYER. Yes I know they are very, very different... But I know have both programmed into my iTunes.

Sometimes I include my character's preferences in the stories, sometimes it just doesn't come up. I noticed in a recent JR Ward novel that she brought up their rap music a couple times.I'm not sure how I feel about it. Do you prefer to have those extra details even if they don't come up in the story naturally? Do want to pick what you feel the character would listen to by what is shown of their personality? Or do you automatically play your own music over the course of the book?

who is not writing because the music died... or at least is with the computer at the computer dude (who I now worship for all his wisdom... but that's another story)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cobblestone's Octoberfest!

Well, it's October. I'm not ready for it but it seems to be October anyhow. And with it comes one heck of a big perk - OCTOBERFEST!

Cobblestone Press is having a month celebration this October and planned for annually. Octoberfest is a celebration of paranormal leading up to a grand finale Halloween night. And that means readers are in for a fantastic line up of authors.

10/6/2006 - Storm Surge - Jennah Sharpe, This Spells Trouble - Shelli Stevens, Dragon's Mate - Emma Petersen

10/13/2006 - Gone with the Wolf - Loribelle Hunt, Wicked Temptation - Cora Zane, Wereplanets: In Ice- Crystal Jordan

10/20/2006 - Gunslingers and Ghostriders - A.L. Debran, The Taking of Dove - Marie Kulhane, Stacking the Deck - Sara Dennis

10/27/2006 -Portrait of Seduction - Madison Chase, Ralabos- Toni L. Meilleur, The Veil-H.A. Fowler

10/31/2006 - Raindrops Keep Falling on My Dead - Mia Romano, Haunted Dreams - Karen Erickson, Return To me - Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton, Season of Blood - L. Shannon, All Hallow's Thief - Jade James

Now, isn't that a great line up? Fantastic!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

one day at a time...

I have a ton to do today but also wanted to stop in and post since I haven't in a while.

Today I have the wicked wild wednesday promo over at cobblestone inn. come by and join me at eastern. I'm thinking of having a game this week and next so come by and check it out...

Friday, September 15, 2006


Hi everyone! I won't be officially on until later tonight, but seeing how yahoo is being, I wanted to post my contest so everyone will have a chance to enter. :D

I am busily updating my website ~ ~ so my contest is geared to black mail people into checking it out. It's about half done now. :D I'd love to hear what you think of the changes so far and if you have suggestions for anything else.

So the contest...
Winner will get a copy of Lynx Clan: Forgiven, a Valafrn bumpersticker and signed coverflat and maybe a surprise, LOL.
I have a handful of smaller mailable prizes that I will give out also in a significantly random fashion to as many as I can who go to the trouble of trying this contest, LOL.

So how do you win? The following are a list of 5 questions. Go to the site and search for the answers. I don't think I've made it too hard but it shouldn't be easy. When you've found all the answers, send me an e-mail at . Include all the answers and where you found each. :D Put "LYNX CONTEST" in the subject.

1. Name the five levels of Tascryn Demons and choose which you think best describes you or your dream mate.

2. Name five Valafrn Clans that I have mentioned and make up one that I don't already have.

3. What book was my first release and what is the one that came out today 9/15/06?

4. Name three of my hobbies and tell me what you like to do for fun.

5. What does Saxxon (from FORGIVEN ) plan to do after he gets things worked out with his mate?

I'll announce the grand prize winner in the chat room tonight!
Join the Publishers and Authors in Chat tonight from 7pm to 9pm

don't forget that is central time. :) If you miss this dead line, don't worry. I will select the other winners next Wednesday 9/20/06 during the WWWednesday. (If I have enough prizes and stamps, everyone will get one.) All other winners will be notified by e-mail and on my monthly newsletter. :)

Shannon~ ~ ~ LYNX CLAN: FORGIVEN ~ AVAILABLE 9/15/06!!!!
Watch for it with Cobblestone Press!Her own temperature flew higher as she thought about following the tawny hair lower to what lay under those soaked, almost see through boxers. His thighs were long and gorgeous and below them... Darn it, he even has sexy toes.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I knew I wanted to blog today but wasn't sure about what specific topic. I think my fogginess might have something to do with the regular dosages of NyQuil/DayQuil that I have been taking for the past two days. On the mend now, I thought I'd try to blog...


My ability to concentrate is almost nonexistent on good and healthy days. I freely admit that I have the attention span of a dead gnat. ADHD? Maybe. Either way I manage to do most of what needs done and have adapted. I use lists and priorities to get the things done that need done.

For instance ... Today I plan to blog, take mom to doctor, trim and bath Zaboomafoo, write on Blood Reign, plot on Blood Justice, work on website, convert my free stories into proper e-books with covers, make up some promotional CDs, and brainstorm (Journey) with CPs.

This is all on my list for the day. I think I might have forgotten to put eat or sleep anywhere, but I should manage to fit them in anyhow.

But first... Some GREAT NEWS!!

LYNX CLAN: FORGIVEN will be released on Sept 15th!!!

Lynx Clan: Forgiven
by L. Shannon
Paranormal Romance Novel
September 15th, 2006
Cobblestone Press

Kelly dedicates her life to saving people and sheÂ’s darn good at it, but is she good enough to save the werewolf assassin she finds bleeding on the backseat of her Jeep? Saxxon has been under someoneÂ’s control for so long that heÂ’s forgotten how to fight back, but it wonÂ’t take him long to learn once he gets a taste of freedom. And with KellyÂ’s love to offer him strength and the powerful Low Key group to back them up, he may finally defeat his betraying brother and the evil group that wants him back.

Forgiven was my NANO project for 2005. You can find an interview with Saxxon in my September newsletter. Hope you enjoy reading Forgiven as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

Now where was I...? Oh, right. The list. Well. mom's appointment isn't for a while. I have about an hour before I need to get ready for that. I can't get Zabbie done in an hour so... How about I work on Blood Reign? The story is currently at 21000 words and working on an ending. Then it will probably gain a few thousand more words while I do a solid edit. Then it will be off to a publisher. But first I guess I should write the ending.

about to write to Nickelback

Saturday, September 02, 2006

news for sept..

just shotting off a quick note here to let everyone know that my monthly newsletter will be a day or so late. thanks for your patience. :)


Friday, August 18, 2006

Life or something like it...

Nothing earth shattering to share at the moment but wanted to post a bunch of updates.

I'm editing like crazy on Lynx Clan: Forgiven.
Lynx Clan: Forgiven-Genre: Shifter/Rating: Wild/Release Date TBA Kelly uses her psychic powers for good. Saxxon has been using his werewolf powers for evil. But when he escapes his abusive captors, heÂ’s given a slim chance to be free of the torture and drugs. Will they survive long enough to find love?

Yeah I stink at writing blurbs. If I could afford to I would hire someone just for that job. So Forgiven is working my tail off in edits. Thanks you Melissa (editor at Cobblestone). She hasn't even pulled out the whip yet. With some major luck I'll have the edits back to her by the end of today. :)

I am heading up a promotion for Cobblestone called Weird and Wild Wednesday. It is just like what it sounds. Every Wednesday, the paranormal authors of Cobblestone Press throw open the doors and welcome in the public for a mini party. This takes place on the Cobblestone Discussion Loop 7:00 central every Wednesday. There will be blurbs, excerpts, contests, prizes and if this week was any sign then really bad vampire jokes too.
In other news...

My newsletter group is going strong. Be sure to watch and see if you won a monthly contest. Some of them require you to contact me. I wouldn't want you to miss out on any freebies.

Have a few ideas for promotional give aways. Did some printing out of items here at home and am looking at a few other possible options.

Before I got into edits, I made good headway on my next novel, Dead Men's Nails: Kindred Spirit. I can't wait to finish and show it off to everyone. Most of August will be taken up by edits but then in September and October I will be
working on DMN:Kindred Spirit, Eagle Clan: Destiny, Tascryn:Blood Reign, Tascryn:Surviving Synn, as well as plotting EC:Journey and LC:Forgotten.

I'll also be taking my computer in for a check up, updating some work at Lulu and updating my website ... Guess with all this on my to-do list, I'd better get to work.


editing to the new Tool CD. It is yummy. :D

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yummy new cover!

Will you check out my awesome new cover!! Anne Cain did this cover for Vali's Curse and I am tickled pink over how wonderful it turned out. Isn't this guy YUMMY??

Vali's Curse
by L. Shannon
Cobblestone Press Shifter Tryst

The moment Vali ran naked from the woods, Deltinica was captivated by his wild nature. But he was so much more than she ever expected. He was a man cursed. And she was a woman in love. She wasn't about to let his wolfish nature make him a stray forever.

Come meet the first Valafrn in this new fantasy romance.

editing Vali's Curse to "Do This Anymore" by Nickelback

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Channeling emotions...

I have been called emotional. And it wasn't meant as a compliment. I'm sure at the time the insult took hold and I probably expressed some not so nice emotions in reaction. But now looking back all I can think is... Wow, I'll bet being emotional makes me a better writer...

The day I first started thinking about writing a book I was very upset (to say the least) and needed an outlet for all my pain and anger before I ended up doing some prison-worthy behavior. It worked well. I kept my freedom and my characters were born. Don't get me wrong. My characters are not me. So far I don't think I have a single one that is me in essence and trust me that is almost certainly a good thing. However each new character has some part of me inside them and not always the pretty parts.

So now when my emotions are running hot I grab the laptop and type it all in. And yes, like many writers I have allowed my enemies to suffer through my words. It's fun and a lot like exorcising demons. Or rather like letting my demons out to play.

The other day someone was mean to my mom and after dealing with the real world, I settled in and let Sgrios kill him. Yep, that's right. Sgrios is one of my favorites for just that reason. If I want someone torn limb from limb, he's happy to do the job. Now if I want someone to really suffer... then I send Dion. And the other side of emotions gets spread around.

Yesterday I lost one of my dogs very suddenly, and today I am dealing with the grief over not being ready to say good bye. I've been involved in dog breeding for over 20 years and though I haven't had any litters in ages, the adults are still part of my family. They will be here with me until either the perfect home comes along or they pass away. Each one is special and the hardest part of having many pets is their passing comes more often. And it is one thing that happening more often does not make it easier. In the past five years, I lost 4 dogs to old age. As hard as that was, at least it was expected. I had time to say goodbye.

Today I see my little Tori's golden gaze everywhere I look. I hear her funny howl that says she wants my attention. I feel her thick coat brush against my leg. Damn. I miss her smiling face so much that it's a physical pain.

Sgrios is offering to kill people for me but I somehow don't think that will help. Dion is offer to slay some dragons and again, I don't think it will help. Maybe today, I'll spend some time with Dan. He has some seriously sad shit to work through. Maybe we can do it together.

writing to "I stand alone" by Godsmack.

Friday, July 21, 2006

New Cover for Season of Blood!

Well, here's my new cover for Season of Blood! I love it, of course. :D Season of Blood will be released with Cobblestone Press as part of their Octoberfest celebration. I don't have an exact release date yet. When I know, so will you.

As for other news, I have contracted two more works with Cobblestone. Vali's Curse is a shifter story about the first of my werewolves. If you want to know how it all began, watch for the release of this tryst. The other is a contemporary novel titled Forgiven.

Lynx Clan: Forgiven
Kelly uses her psychic powers for good. Saxxon has been using his werewolf powers for evil. But when he escapes his abusive captors, he’s given a slim chance to be free of the torture and drugs, but will they survive long enough to find love?

I'm currently working on a romantic paranormal chicklit. Yes, you heard right. LOL It is a definite experiment, but I'm having a ton of fun writing it. Imagine a girl (Faith) who might be a werewolf, but is certainly being chased by assassins one day meets the essence of death (Nail) in a dark alley. You'd think she would be bright enough to run, but she doesn't. Not this time. This time she strikes the first blow and from the moment she presses her lips to his, they are both goners. There are of course problems with this match made in hell. The first of which seems to be that she can only date him when she's asleep. The worst of which is that she is being sent to the home territory of the assassins and expected to talk them into stopping their attempts to kill her...

Watch for Dead Men's Nails: Kindred Spirit coming soon to a publisher near you.

writing to "figured you out"
Faith: I will date whoever I like! Yes, even the dead dude!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Good Guys, Bad Guys and building your Characters

I write character driven stories. Some might call it a fault, but I know what works for me. And what works is getting to know my characters and then turning them loose with the conflicts that I come up with for them. I do start off my rough draft with a general chapter outline of what I think will happen and when, but sometimes they simply don't react the way I expect.

This week I'll be working on my paranormal chicklit, Dead Men's Nails. I've set this up as a fast paced trilogy. The books will be Kindred Spirit, Arms of Death, and Body and Soul. I have specific things that I need to happen at certain points to make the series work and already my characters are making demands that I will probably give in to.

First I'll share a little bit about my characters.
Faith - tells the story in first person. She is coping with a lot of stress and then she meets a man/being that she finds hard to resist even if he does add to her problems.
Nail - He's not human, has no place in her world, but needs to bask in the light that surrounds Faith.
Jenna - Faith's werewolf bodyguard and friend
Angel - Faith's friend who happens to be half demon
Jason - Jenna's human boyfriend or ex-boyfriend depending on who you ask.

You might notice that everyone on the list above is good guys (more or less). I started this story without bad guys because my good guys were causing enough trouble all on their own. Now I have 60 pages written and badly need bad guys. *sigh* So I started thinking about where they would be be and who they would be interacting with and who might cause the biggest problems for them. Seeing as Faith has people out to kill her I needed to find out who and why.

The why wasn't too hard. Faith is the daughter of the Keeper of Records for the Valafrn Clans. This is a super traditional role and completely inherited through mortals, passed mother to daughter. Faith is next in line. BUT Faith's father is Athair who is Valafrn which is also inherited. So Faith should be a Valafrn werewolf as well as the human Keeper. Both are mutually exclusive. So magically speaking she is trapped in a middle place, with unreliable magic. No one knows if she will have a short mortal life or the longevity of the Valafrn. And many of the most traditional elders believe this goes against all that it means to be Keeper and some of them are willing ot risk the loss of the records to hold onto their traditions. Doesn't make sense but there it is. They want her dead to prove she can die.

The who took some thinking. Kindred Spirit takes place in the summer and I want them to have to deal with uncomfortable heat. I decided on a clan located somewhere hot and tropical, but for this book I want to stick to the US. My location is still slightly up in the air, but the clan will be one that fits into its area. This time it will be the Snake Clan. As if that wasn't going to cause problems enough I wanted the Clan to have some internal troubles. So I have the Snake Clan from Eurasia come to take over a splinter clan called the Cottonmouth Clan. By doing so it leaves a pair of unhappy Alphas that are being forced to follow another pair, which like most alphas, they don't follow well.

The interesting thing is that sometimes while looking for information on one character, I accidentally create another. It just so happened with the Bushmaster. While researching snakes and characteristics, locations and habitats, I came across the Bushmaster pit viper of South America, and I immediately liked him. For good or evil, this guy just took hold and grew almost on his own. The snake is 12 feet of solitary poisonous danger- my kind of guy, but should he be a good guy or a bad guy? I haven't decided, and neither has he. LOL So I'm going to turn him loose in the story as a wildcard and see what happens.

So there you have it. Now I have bad guys. Although I still need names for them, I'm not too concerned because I think those will come easy enough. Bad guys will be the leaders of clans, but not all four. Oh and don't forget Melvin. He will make his debute in Kindred Spirit too.

about to write to Institute.

Playing catch up

Hi everyone.

Due to some summer family activities, I've been a bit out of the loop. But this week I'll be catching up on all those behind things. So if I owe you something, feel free to mention it. :) And I'll push it to the top of the pile.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gravity, Cute-Fuzzy-Dogs, and other Lurking Evil

Yesterday started off fine. It really did. Everything was perfect right up until the moment I left my bed. Then (insert evil music) it all went down hill, or rather down steps...

I happen to have a cute little cocker spaniel, who left his previous homes for unstated reasons, has stopped off here for "vacation", and will hopefully find a new permenant home. He is cute and fluffy, is wildly active in very entertaining ways, and has those soulful dark eyes that can melt a mere human at forty feet. He's named Melvin. And none of the above mentions how said adorable dog is actually a shifter of the worst degree and can turn into the devil.

So there I am attempting to take the house dogs and Melvin outside to potty, when he turns into the devil. Okay so far he is still claiming he was framed and that the cat was actually the villain of the incident, but I'm not buying it just yet... I will lay it all out and let you the jury decide.

So I have Melvin on a flexi-lead so that he can run off some of his energy and I turn just slightly to close the door at the top of five wooden steps. That's when things went wrong. Melvin, for reasons yet to be determined (he claims the cat lured him into a highspeed attack), takes off at a dead run and BAMMMMMM hits the end of the lead. I manage to hold onto the hoor handle and stay upright-just barely.


And I go flying out through the air. I know parts of me hit the stairs, but most seemed to land hard on the stone padio/walkway. Things get a little bit fuzzy there. I managed to hold onto Mel's lead, bring him back inside and put him back into the crate. I managed to get the phone and call my mom, NOPE- NOT 911. (I live too far out for them to be useful) After I dialed the phone, I'm told 30-60 seconds went by with Mom talking to me trying to get me to answer. I "woke up" and lifted the phone which (weighed about a ton) and told her "I fell" and "I think I'm hurt". She said she was on her way, and I'm quite sure she was. *MOMs ARE GREAT!*

What I didn't say over the phone was, that I was scared sh*tless. From the time I woke up with the phone in my hand until after Mom arrived, I had no vision. NONE. The world had turned terrifyingly black. Now, I'm no doctor, but that is a bad sign that even I recognize. And I was plenty alert enough to know how bad it SUCKED TO BE BLIND. Thank God (and I did) that it only lasted a few minutes.

In fact, as Mom patched me up and lectured me about the need to go to the hospital, I returned to mostly normal. Well as normal as I -being uber clumbsie- ever was. I did refuse to go to the ER. By the time Mom was checking me out, my eyesight came back. and by the time she got the dogs put away, I was no longer even dizzy. I think I was speaking logically when I said all the ER could do for me was stitch up the nasty cut on my elbow and send me a huge bill. And for that... any payment done for this crazy event should go to MOM! So, we settled my house and she herded me back to hers, rightly wanting to keep an eye on me for any lasting harm.

Today I ache all over, specifically my elbow, side, knee and ankle (which I assume broke my fall) and my right hand which held the lead and was stopped suddenly on a large stone. My brother and father are joking that I'm perfect for big Ben now, LOL.

The cat still claims he's innocent. Mel still claims he was framed and I assume I will heal in time. So all's well that ends well... or so I'm told.

who plans build that deck ASAP...

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Check out these contests for the Cobblestone author day over at the Pink Posse!

Contest #1 ~ No strain. Just go to my website at and sign the guest book. One winner will be drawn from all entries and will win a free e-copy of my short story "Misplaced Fate". Winner drawn at 6:00pm Eastern

Contest #2 ~ A little more work. Post to the Pink Posse loop and tell us what kind of stories you like to read and why. Be sure to title your post "Shannon's contest #2". One winner will be drawn at 7:00 pm Eastern to win a $5.00 gift certificate for Cobblestone Press and a copy of "Misplaced Fate".

Contest #3 ~ On my website is a page dedicated to the Valafrn werewolves. From there you can find links to the different clans. I want you to chose your favorite Eagle Clan member and post the name on my Blog One winner will be draw at 8:00 pm Eastern to win a copy of "Father of the Wolf" when it is released from Cobblestone Press on June 30th, and a copy of "Misplaced Fate."

Contest #4 ~ Name that Demon~ My demons have somthing in common when it comes to their names. All but the royal demon lords have a "Y" in their name. So for this contest, post you possible demon name by changing your own name to some exotic form including at least one "Y". You can post that to the Pink Posse Loop and title the post, "My demon name is...(add your new name here) A winner will be picked at 9:00 pm Eastern. And you will win a release of my novella "Of Blood and Blessings" releasing from Changeling on June 2nd and a copy of "Misplaced Fate".

Keep checking back in. I may add more contests later today. LOL


Monday, May 29, 2006

Upcoming Events

Well, this is the big kick off week for Cobblestone Press and there will be plenty happening. I will try to list what I hear about here.

The Pink Posse will be hosting a week long party on their e-mail loop
May 29 Monday Lia Sebastian – 7p.m. Eastern, A.L. Debran, Lyric James, Brandi Boughton – 8p.m. Eastern
May 30 Tuesday (All Day for all) Shelli Stevens, Loribelle Hunt, Sara Dennis
May 31 Wednesday Ann Leigh Keaton, Mia Romano - 7:00 p.m. eastern, L. Shannon – all day, Madison Layle
June 1 Thursday Susan Green, Stella & Audra Price – 6p.m. Eastern, Vivienne King

Joyfully Reviewed will be hosting a chat for Cobblestone authors on June 2 from 1-4p.m. Eastern

Cobblestone will be holding their open house chat on June 2
Subject: Grand Opening
Who: Publishers and Authors
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm Central
June 20, 2006
Subject: Submissions
Who: Deanna and Sable
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm Central

OF BLOOD AND BLESSINGS will be released from Changeling Press on June 2nd. If you're looking for a hot paranormal historical erotic romance... (and who isn't, LOL) then give Grant and Amelia a try!

I'm sure there will be more but this will do for now. :)

doodling at this and that while chatting at the pink posse... :)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friday, May 12, 2006

New Cover!! and an update

I just got my cover for FATHER OF THE WOLF and I couldn't be happier! Sable Gray did a wonderful job. Thank you Sable!

More news on Father ~~ The edits are done. My editor was easy to work with and demanding in the high quality, EXACTLY what I hoped for :) I now have a release date. Father of the Wolf will be released from Cobblestone Press on June 30, 2006!!!!

And Cobblestone also accepted my novella SEASON OF BLOOD for upcoming release. No news yet on the edits or release date.

My upcoming release with Changeling Press, OF BLOOD AND BLESSINGS, has a release date of June 2, 2006. It's now listed on their coming soon page. No news on the cover art yet.

LOST SOUL OF THE WOLF was to be released by Chippewa Publishing on May 5, 2006 but due to illness in the company, the release has been delayed. :( No news yet on the new release date.

There are still many more in all the series to come. Currently I am working on Loki's Flight which I will be submitting to Cobblestone. LOKI'S FLIGHT is the first novella in the CHILDREN OF STRENGTH AND POWER series. The second novella, VALI'S CURSE is nearly complete and the rest of the series is outlined. CoSaP is more fantasy than some of my other works and shows the connection from Norse Mythology and the world of my Valafrn.

~writing to Institute
~today's goal=> complete first 3 chapters of Loki's Flight.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cobblestone Press

I signed with Cobblestone Press!

Father of the Wolf is now contracted with Cobblestone Press for e-publication. I first considered submitted to CP, because I had heard wonderful things about this soon to be opening press. I stopped over at their website and thought it looked very professional. I recognized several names and was impressed.

Then I went to the coming soon pages and started drooling. Their covers are absolutely beautiful!

The cover pictured here is one I did up myself just to play with and stay motivated. When I say the Cobblestone covers are great, I mean it. Each and every one pictured impressed me.

So I looked a little deeper still and heard really good things about their pro-author approach to publishing. Again, I was very impressed. So I sent in my submission for Eagle Clan: Father of the Wolf. And in only a couple days had my offer back. I simply can't say enough good about my experience with them the last few days. What a great group!

Lost Soul of the Wolf ~ May 5, 2006 ~ Chippewa Publishing
Of Blood and Blessings ~ June 9, 2006 ~ Changeling Press
Father of the Wolf ~ coming soon ~ Cobblestone Press

Thursday, April 06, 2006

So now what dude?

(ducking lemons and looking for a blender)

Yes, life is throwing lemons at me, even bounced a couple off my head and made a nice rattle. Not that it matters because well, that is what life does right?

My family has an old wive's tale that bad things (really bad ones) come in threes. Hubby disagrees and says it is a neverending shitstorm and silly optimistic people group the problems into threes as a coping mechanism. Damn Psychologist anyway...

So I am more of a planner than a cope-er. I look around and think the raining crap will eventually stop and try to think past that and to what will come next. So here I am currently between jobs. I am looking at what to do with my time off while desperately looking around for a better opportunity. I plan to go back to the field where I have training, but while planning that, I dream. I dream of the chance to actually write down all these stories that are bouncing and growing inside my head.

I mean I have a little time right? Well, not much because I have to at least be a little practical (even if it kills me) I am a planner. BUT I never said I was practical. So I have a couple edits that I am tidying up and a couple stories that are close to complete that I am working on completing. So I guess that answers my question. So now what dude (or in this case dudette)? So while in search of the best chance at a steady paycheck, I will also try to nudge my muse wide awake and jump back into the writing that may keep the dreaming alive.

First stop... maybe I will let the characters pick?

(writing to Just Like You)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

~Querying Chaos~

and ~Marketing Mayhem ~

So in the midst of editing, while I have beaten my muse into tentative submission, I have decided to send out a flurry of flying queries. I still ponder over the first wave of rejections on "Father" and remember kindly those agents and editors who took the time to send me "nice" rejections. Those ones went to the top of the list to recieve queries for "Forgiven".

I have hopefully improved in my marketing/pitching/querying ability in the past year. I have rewritten my basic query letter forms until I practically have them memorized (or would if I had any sort of memory). With the help of a few online classes and chatting with other authors I have made some adjustments that I hope will make a difference.

First I took a hard look at exactly what it is that I write. Just what sub-genre is "Father of the Wolf"? What would an agent call "Forgiven" if they were trying to describe it to an editor? This is when I realized that "Father" is definitely not paranormal romance. In fact it really isn't romance, but it is ROMANTIC. It is PARANORMAL. And I think what ties it together is the suspense. (Though I actually plan to beef up the suspense more in the next edit.) "Forgiven" is more romantic but also fits the name Romantic Paranormal Suspense very well.

Second I rewrote my queries to use better blurbs. The new descriptions are more catchy and more accurate than the previous ones. :)

Third, I rewrote my synopsis for each using the "bare-bones" method which I can't find on the internet now. (I do hope it comes back) I think the synopsis for each is much more clear and easier to follow now even in its short forms.

All this together may not make any difference. Or maybe it will... So far I sent out 5 e-queries to agents and recieved 3 rejections and a request for a full on "Father". Yippy! I queried one Ny editor (Avon) and have a request for a partial for "Forgiven." I also have 5 more paper queries out with no news yet. And another stack of queries waiting to hit the mail. Mostly they are for agents. The only of editor that I will be sending to at this point is for Tor. Last year I received a nice rejection from Anna Genoese for "Father" and she offered to read more of my work, so I will be sending a partial for "Forgiven" at the same time as I send it to Avon.

editing like a loon to "Fall to Pieces"

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Compromise~ When to stay true? When to start fresh?

I started off with a premise... a tickle that grew into an idea. Characters formed to fit the story and the characters carried baggage the led to conflict. As a well know writer (Susan Squires) recently pointed out - character plus conflict equals plot. That is how a simple tickle can grow into a successful novel. Sure, there is a lot more to it than that, but broken into its smallest parts- is the basics.

So what happens after you dump your heart and soul on to the pages and reach those beautiful words -The End? What happens is you go back to page one and edit. Editing is more than prrof reading- it is challenging your story to stand up and be perfect or darn close to it. And that takes strength and determination.

As a writer I followed that path with my first completed story which admittedly was not perfect. Still is not perfect. I then sent it out into the world to a publisher that I thought was write for it. Low and behold, the publisher thoughts so too! Yah! pop the cork and celebrate! I did and it passed. I was left to realize that the publisher wanted the story revised to fit with their line and please their customers. Well who am I to argue with that? It makes good marketing sense. So I started workign with the editor to improve my baby and make it into the wonderful story that I knew it could be.

But that wasn't to be. Not that the editor didn't try... Not that I didn't try... But all of that didn't matter a single lick because the new hotter story was wrong for the heroine. She didn't like those words. She didn't want to do those things. Well *shit*. Now what?

Who is more important the readers or the characters? It's not that simple. If the character doesn't fit with the plot and the story something will be out of sinc no matter how many rewrites are done.

Wait a second you say! The writer has control, right? Yes and no. Can I make her do something not in her nature? not easily and usually not smoothly. *BUT* I can change the heroine to fit the story. And that is just what I had to do. So here I am several months into my contract and finally getting a clue. I have started a rewrite that I hope will fix all the problems and make all involved happy. So a story that 2 days ago was 80 pages long went to zero yesterday. That's right, I am starting fresh. After working on the story for about 24 hours I have it back up to about 20 pages. My adjusted heroine is fitting in well and compliments the story and the publishing line very well. (I think...) In a few days when I have the draft hammered out to the end I will send it off once more and hold my breath, hoping the editor feels the same as I do about the new baby...

writing to GNR

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Misplaced Fate

Here is the new cover for Misplaced Fate. I had a great time tinkering to get the red eyes.

It's kind of funny how quickly Misplaced Fate came together. The whole thing was written in less than 2 weeks. Yes, I know that quality is more important than quantity, but it's also nice when the story flows smoothly.

Angel is a character who keeps popping up in other stories, so I was rather happy to see some of her story come out into the light.

A bit of warning... Misplaced Fate is *not* a sweet little romance. Although she and Killian were together for a long time, this story is violent and tragic. As a writer and a reader, I prefer my stories to have nice HEA endings that leave me smiling. Misplaced Fate did not offer me that option.

relaxing to some old G-N-R.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Season of Blood~New Cover!

I did up this new cover for Season of Blood. So what do you think? Well, at least I had a good time doing it.

As an update for the post. I still think it has good and bad features...

Good... Easy to work with. The live help was wonderful when I had a stupid question. The mature audience screening is very good. Projects can be deleted or unpublished without much trouble. Tracking sales is accurate (so far as I can tell) and fast. Ordering was not hard, even though they don't use paypal. If you buy a download but don't have time to download it right then, Lulu holds it in your account for you.

Not so good... the print pricing is high because of initial set up costs. I haven't yet found a way to link two accounts easily. The storefronts are difficult to cutomize if you don't know html code very well. They don't use paypal.

I ordered Curse of the wolf in print so I will soon be able to say how that part of the process is to work with.

frantically procrastinating at finishing my contest entry, but very happy to have fixed my printer... listening to old rock tonight which makes me want to writing Dead Men's Nails.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A New Playground! I'm playing ar

After bringing up a discussion with a friend over the positives and negatives of self-publishing, we both came up with, which seems to be a leading self-publisher. Before we could conclude one way or another, I offered to publish a short story with them. This way we can determine what the reality is of their process.

I cleaned up my 10K manuscript of "Curse of the Wolf" and set it up on Lulu. My initial thoughts about Lulu are very positive. Sign up is free. The website is easy to navigate. It's also easy to set up a store front to list all you have available. The uploading process takes only a few minutes. The author is given almost absolute control over the details. I was able to easily upload my own cover art. The site also allows for offering a blurb and a preview of the work.

So far, I only see a few things that I see and down sides including... The pricing of the print books is quite high because of printing costs. The base price for a 300 page book is over 8 bucks even before the author adds on any for a royalty. I know some people may still be willing, I'm not likely to buy a self-published book that costs more than one published by a NY publisher. The only other negative that I see right now seems to be the sales and marketing. The author is completely responsibility of marketing the work.

Well, time will tell, just how good or bad an option will be.