Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cobblestone Press

I signed with Cobblestone Press!

Father of the Wolf is now contracted with Cobblestone Press for e-publication. I first considered submitted to CP, because I had heard wonderful things about this soon to be opening press. I stopped over at their website and thought it looked very professional. I recognized several names and was impressed.

Then I went to the coming soon pages and started drooling. Their covers are absolutely beautiful!

The cover pictured here is one I did up myself just to play with and stay motivated. When I say the Cobblestone covers are great, I mean it. Each and every one pictured impressed me.

So I looked a little deeper still and heard really good things about their pro-author approach to publishing. Again, I was very impressed. So I sent in my submission for Eagle Clan: Father of the Wolf. And in only a couple days had my offer back. I simply can't say enough good about my experience with them the last few days. What a great group!

Lost Soul of the Wolf ~ May 5, 2006 ~ Chippewa Publishing
Of Blood and Blessings ~ June 9, 2006 ~ Changeling Press
Father of the Wolf ~ coming soon ~ Cobblestone Press

Thursday, April 06, 2006

So now what dude?

(ducking lemons and looking for a blender)

Yes, life is throwing lemons at me, even bounced a couple off my head and made a nice rattle. Not that it matters because well, that is what life does right?

My family has an old wive's tale that bad things (really bad ones) come in threes. Hubby disagrees and says it is a neverending shitstorm and silly optimistic people group the problems into threes as a coping mechanism. Damn Psychologist anyway...

So I am more of a planner than a cope-er. I look around and think the raining crap will eventually stop and try to think past that and to what will come next. So here I am currently between jobs. I am looking at what to do with my time off while desperately looking around for a better opportunity. I plan to go back to the field where I have training, but while planning that, I dream. I dream of the chance to actually write down all these stories that are bouncing and growing inside my head.

I mean I have a little time right? Well, not much because I have to at least be a little practical (even if it kills me) I am a planner. BUT I never said I was practical. So I have a couple edits that I am tidying up and a couple stories that are close to complete that I am working on completing. So I guess that answers my question. So now what dude (or in this case dudette)? So while in search of the best chance at a steady paycheck, I will also try to nudge my muse wide awake and jump back into the writing that may keep the dreaming alive.

First stop... maybe I will let the characters pick?

(writing to Just Like You)