Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's BIAWE time!

Yep, starting tomorrow it's time to write! Not sure of the exact start time yet. That will depend on who ends up joining in, but if you'd got words that need to be written (like I do) then join in. We'll write like mad until we all collapse on Sunday night.

Soo... stock up on what you need, sharpen your virtual pencils or even your real ones and chime in here or IM me if you're joining us for the AUGUST BIAWE!


Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Release: The Vixen Files!

The Vixen Files
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-556-0
AUGUST 09, 2009!

Cover: Trace Edward Zaber
(isn't that cover great?!)

James Smith is a notorious spy, selling his skill to any power willing to pay his steep prices. Smith’s lack of loyalty is the only consistent intelligence Agent Mae Vixandra can gather on this mysterious man. Now it’s fallen to her to capture him once and for all, and if possible, convince him to finally use those impressive skills for something more worthy than a quick buck.

If flipping a rogue spy were the only purpose, Mae would have the job tucked to bed without a second concern. She’s spent a couple centuries protecting her adopted America. Now she does so with the backing of a secret agency and a team staffed by her own six werewolf daughters. Together or apart they can handle about any job sent their way. But capturing James Smith offers Mae a very personal agenda. If her premonition is right, he’s her mate, and she’s been a widow long enough that even a traitorous spy is a risk worth taking...

If you love fanged or furry heroes and tough girls in ass-kicking high heels, don't miss out on this exciting new story! Go here
and buy The Vixen Files today!

L. Shannon