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(stolen from Moira Reid's page because she did it awesome!)

I'm very excited about Sunlight, my newest book coming out in September. Sunlight is part of the Vampire Oracle series written by 24 amazing authors.

While writing Sunlight, I suggested to one of those authors, L. Shannon whose book is Love, that we should link our stories. She agreed. Her hero, Dillon, and mine, Johnathan, are brothers and part of a bigger group of vampires known as the Steel City Vampires.

To introduce readers to Dillon and Johnathan before the release dates--we decided to write a new story and give it away! Why??


Just follow the links below to receive your FREE copy of Steel City Vampires: Welcome Home.

Kalib Fontana had searched two hundred years for a peaceful home far away from his cursed past. As his realtor, Shasta Hemingway, welcomed him to the Fox Chapel estate resplendent with the lingering scent of dinner and her perfume, he allowed himself to imagine for one wonderful moment he'd found both.

The moment shattered when David found him--David, the one curse that refused to be forgotten. As always, his dangerous past wanted him, and this time it wanted vengeance.

Download your FREE copy today from either of these sites!

Thanks to all the folk on the blog tour!

I'm sure everyone probably know, but I'm bad at promotion. I would rather sit here and write the next book than take the time to tell everyone about the one that was just released.

I'm trying to be better about it.

Really. :) But I can accept that I'll never be one of the writers who seems to be on every blog or forum or list sharing all the good news with the world. I wish it were, but that's just not me. So this blog tour was a lot of fun. I enjoyed circling the block so to speak. Did my little "queen wave" and everything.

But now it's over and life goes back to normal. Another post will follow... with some news. I promise.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Selena Blake - Selena's Sex Tips

1. Get creative. Do some research. Read an erotic romance. Think outside the box. Look up new positions. Once you've got some new ideas, present them to your SOS.
2. Get your SOS involved. Send them links to articles, websites, photos. Rent a movie together, read a book together, or flip through a magazine.
3. Get out a scarf or tie and tie one end to your wrist and the other to that of your SOS. Spend a whole day like this and you'll find plenty of opportunities for kisses and cuddles.
4, Tell it like it is. This is really the key. Ask for what you want. Use words like faster, slower, harder, softer, to the left, etc.
5. Get out of the bedroom. Nothing like a new venue to inspire you.
6. Try a sex toy. With dozens (probably hundreds) of websites out there that will provide quality merchandise in discreet packaging, you've got no excuse not to try something new.

About the Author
Selena Blake writes paranormal and contemporary romance for Cobblestone Press. Her series Stormy Weather will be available in 2008. Drop by her website to find out more about the handsome Deveraux men of Louisiana and for a free short story.

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Terri Molina - Could it be magic?

Could it be Magic?

Last summer I entered an online writing contest sponsored by and Pocket Books. It was a first chapter contest for romance writers. Normally I don't enter contests because I just don't do well in them...especially if they're RWA sponsored.

Anyway, there were around 300 entries, I think, and the voting was done by the readers. It was pretty much a popularity contest...which I didn't know until after I'd entered. Anyway (sorry I say that a lot!)...thankfully a lot of it was about how good the stories were, and my novel DARK OBSESSION, a paranormal romantic suspense, moved onto the top 25 for the second round. I was pretty happy, and as per the rules, I had to post my second chapter to be voted on. The readers vote//rate your entry 1-10....10 being the best, of course, and in the end, only the entries with the most 10's will count and send the top FIVE onto the final round---which is to be judged by Gather and Pocket Books Editors. (did I lose ya??)

Anyway, I came in around tenth place I said, it was a popularity contest and I wasn't as popular. Haha

A n y w a y....During the contest I would peruse the Gather site stopping to read other non contest articles and I came across something from a woman who's topic was about Magic and whether or not you believed in it. I sent her a comment stating that, yeah, I think everyone has a sense of magic in them. But, by my definition, magic doesn't mean having the power to cast spells or make yourself float in midair. To me, magic is about emotion-- how strong your heart is, how strong your bond is with everyone and everything around you.

I've always felt I've had a strong intuition ( a strong sensory perception) and it's gotten me out of some pretty hairy situations. And I use this intuition when I write....which makes me a "panster"-- meaning I write by the seat of my pants.

In my novel (and contest entry) Dark Obsession I end chapter two with the sentence *It was the look of someone who had just seen the dead.*Since , the voters in the Gather Contest are encouraged to leave comments on your entry (which also help with the voting), I received some wonderfully encouraging feedback that both pleased and mostly overwhelmed me.

In a very glowing and very kind comment, a reader named Sammie A said::
Quote: "I love this ending. It really ties this chapter in with the first one with such a perfect twist of irony after him seeing his dead grandmother. I wonder, did you intend that when you wrote it, or was it just something that you realized afterwards?"

And well, I guess I have to say, yes and no. When I write, I always, always look for a way to end a chapter that has the reader saying "No..don't stop! What happens next?!" because your goal as a writer is to keep those pages turning!

The best compliments any writer can get is...."I lost sleep because of you!" or "I burned dinner because of you!" It's what we thrive for....what I thrive for. So, when I'm giving you a story I want to make sure that you're forgetting everything around you!

Anyway....I for Sammie's question and that particular scene, I based it on something I once experienced when I lived far away from my family. (you know what they say....WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW)

I was working at a grocery store (in NY) and stocking shelves one morning when I turned around to see a woman standing in the aisle....she was shopping...not doing anything creepy like staring at me...but I had to do a double take when I saw her because she looked exactly like my aunt mother's older sister who raised me from the time I was sixteen until I moved out at eighteen (I had lived with another aunt and uncle a few years before that---it's a different story though).

Anyway, the woman continued shopping and I followed her into another aisle, but when I looked at her again, she didn't look anything like my aunt. A few days later, I found out that my aunt had a heart attack (she'd been ill for a few years already but had been healing fairly well).

Growing up (and most anyone of Mexican/Latina decent will confirm this) we heard a lot of stories about ghosts and spirits and magic. It made for fascinating ways to scare each other, as well as build our imaginations at play time (since we didn't actually have toys to play with). And, as I mention in another WIP, you can't be born or raised near Mexico without believing the possibility that the magic existed. So, I've used this magic to help build my stories of suspense (sometimes around a central love story) and keep the reader intrigued, turning pages, and burning dinner.

To learn more visit me at my website

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Jamieson Wolf - Reading Romance - Writing Romance

The other day one of my co-workers asked me what I was reading. This is an every day occurrence. In fact, I’m asked several times a day what I’m reading. There aren’t a lot of people in my office who read; there’s only one other girl who has her nose stuck in a book on her lunch and breaks like me.

It seems people who read are an oddity in my office.

That’s okay, though. I don’t mind being an oddity. In fact, I revel in it. I have always been what I would call eccentric, always outside the norm. But it seems I’m even more outside the norm because I read romance. And I write it.

I love love love romance. I read tons of it. You write what you love to read, right? As a romance writer, I’m almost duty bound to read romances; I’m pretty sure it’s in my contract somewhere.

But people always get wierded out by the fact that I read romances for two reasons. I’m a guy and I’m gay. People assume that, since I’m a guy, I shouldn’t read romance and, since I’m gay, I wouldn’t want to read straight romances.

They’re wrong on both counts.

I love romances not just for the sex scenes, but for the story, for the characters. I don’t know what it is about romance but the characters always seem to be more alive, more real than in regular fiction. Plus you get passion, excitement, harrowing plotlines, danger and disaster at every turn, conflict galore AND a happy ending. What can be better than that?

If any kind of writing was popcorn or candy for the mind, romance would be it.

In the end, I love reading romances and I love writing them even more. For whatever reason, my characters always come alive more if they’re in one of my little romantic novellas.

I’m particularly proud of Valentine (available now from Cobblestone Press) and Finding Beauty (coming soon from Cobblestone Press). To me, they are some of my best pieces of writing that I’ve done.

Thankfully, there are always new stories to write and to read. I will forever be a romance writer and a romance junkie.

For more info on Valentine, check out the blog!

And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Valentine by clicking here:

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Ava Rose Johnson: Heroes: The Dark Side

Heroes: The Dark Side

Hello all! Ava Rose Johnson here, ready and willing to chat with you about my favorite topic. Heroes.

For me, the hero makes a story. I read romances for a lot of reasons-heroine, fun plot, hot sex scenes-but the hero usually takes the biscuit for me. It's the same with movies. Without a dashing hero, I'm not so sure I'd be interested.

Like a lot of people, I'm partial to the tall, dark and handsome version of the hero. Think David Boreanaz, Olivier Martinez, Clive Owen, Pierce Brosnan...I could go on forever. And speaking of tall, dark and handsome heroes, how could I not mention Mr. Big? I finally saw the Sex and the City movie last night and the whole way through, I couldn't stop thinking about how Big is the perfect hero (for me). Yes, he's flawed and can be stubborn and stupid at times. But that's hot. Who wants a hero who is absolutely perfect?

Okay, so we want the romance and the passion and the deep love and the 'likes dogs' to be part of our hero too. I don't think I could be hot for a hero who's afraid of puppies. But a hero has to have some mystery, some depth, some kind of darkness to pull me in. That's probably why my favorite kind of hero is a vampire. You don't get more dark and mysterious than that!

In Power, my upcoming release from Cobblestone Press, the hero is a centuries-old vampire called Jourdain. He's got the tall, dark and handsome thing going on. He's also big on vengeance which can be seen as a flaw, but I love him for it. He's pretty solitary, doesn't get involved too easily. Of course that changes when my heroine enters the picture. *wink*

So what makes a hero for you? Do you need your hero to be Mr. Alpha, or do you prefer the Beta side? Are you fan of Mr. Big or do you just think he's an arse?

To bribe you into telling me, here's some tall, dark and handsome eye-candy for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Thanks for having me!

Coming July 4th from Cobblestone Press- The Vampire Oracle: Power
A vampire's promise lasts forever...

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Monday, June 16, 2008

MG Braden: Vampire Oracle - Harmony

Vampire Oracle - Harmony

I never thought I'd be writing a paranormal romance. I write straight contemporary. I also didn't write fully disclosed love scenes. So, when the call came out for proposals for the Vampire Oracle line, why did I jump at it?

I have no idea. I originally read through the descriptions for each card and thought they sounded great. For someone else. Not my thing.

But then the Harmony card showed up (they were released for proposals five at a time, just like they are being published the same way).

I was drawn to the face on the card:

Then, the description captured me:
Key Words: sustenance, without conflict

Meaning: This is a time of happiness and constancy. But like all good things, they have been worked for and could slip through the fingers if taken for granted.

My storyline for Harmony immediately popped in my head and I rushed to open a document and start laying it out. Once I finished that, I carefully checked all the rules for the proposal and then submitted it.

It all happened very quickly, but I was in the middle of the pack for submissions and we were to wait until mid-August, or maybe it was the end, but either way, it was a long wait. However, we got lucky and Deanna and Sable made their decisions much faster. When I saw the email pop up in my inbox earlier than the expected date, I assumed it was a decline and was afraid to look.

It was a contract!! (Obviously, since I'm writing this, but still, very exciting for me.)

From then to now has been a busy time: writing, editing, blurbing and getting ready for release date. The first five Vampire Oracle novella's released yesterday (June 6/08). Vampire Oracle: Harmony will release August 1/08. And, if I do say so myself, those love scenes turned out pretty hot. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed stepping outside of my comfort zone and writing it.

Here is my blurb:

Recently engaged, Kara Staten and Marc Brodeur are in love, and life is good. Kara has a brand new business, and they have both worked hard to get to where they are. When things start to turn bad, they struggle for the harmony they once had.

The balance starts to unravel, secrets become harder to keep. Kara's skincare salon's "Take A Bite Out of Love (TBOL)" campaign results in several almost fatal love bites, and Marc doesn't know if he's the cause. He's a vampire trying to live a normal life.

As the vampire in him struggles to take control, Marc is only sure that he can't be the man Kara needs. She doesn't know he's a vampire--can't know. As their lives spin into separate paths, they will find that the thing that could tear them apart is the one thing that will ultimately keep them together.



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Moira Rogers: Faking Human (free read!)

Free Read from Moira Rogers!
Faking HumanClaire Franklin has never been ordinary. As the only child of a filthy-rich New York power couple, she's spent her life following rules. The most important rule of all--the one imposed by her mother in a desperate bid to hide the family's strong shapeshifter heritage--is the rule she hates the most: always act human.Attending college in Mystic Ridge, hotbed of supernatural activity, was the perfect rebellion for a girl tired of being human. At least, it should have been. But when she agreed to date the cute guy in her biology class, Claire found herself back where she started: trying to fake human. (Short Story set in the Mystic Valley Universe.)

Download for free! [PDF] [HTML] [Mobi]

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Kris Eton writes contemporary and paranormal erotic romance. Currently, she has four books published. Visit her website for excerpts from each of her books and more information about her writing.

Q. What's your favorite tv show?

A. I am a tv addict. I admit it. I've gotten better over the years...trimming my list of programs to those I really really like. There were some shows that I outgrew or that just became so godawful I didn't know why I was watching anymore.

As for a favorite show, I might have trouble narrowing it down. But, I guess I can pick that okay?

LOST - Love the characters. I'm not all that worried about all the 'science' making sense in this show. I will always love Sawyer and Sun and Hurley and Charlie.

UGLY BETTY - This is my fun, makes-me-laugh show. It's sweet enough to stay grounded in some kind of reality, but has just enough over-the-top soap opera moments to keep me smiling. Betty and Gio are adorable together. And now that Eddie Cibrian has joined the show, there's plenty of hot guys to drool over.

THE OFFICE - Not every episode works for me. I prefer the darker shows with snarky humor over the more slapsticky ones. Out of the four NBC comedies on Thursday nights, this is the one I always watch first.

Q. What is your writing process like?

A. My writing process is constantly evolving. With every book I write, I fine tune it a little bit more. But sometimes books just take a hold of you, and you find yourself channeling a story. So my process is never consistent.

What I typically do is get the 'cool idea' first. The mini idea for a plot. Then, I think of ways this plot could be fleshed out. Sometimes actual complete scenes come to mind. Then, my characters start to fill in the blanks.

Lately, I find myself focusing more on character. Finding just the right combination to make the romance work. Because if it's too easy, it's boring. You have to give these people obstacles to overcome. Reasons not to be together.

I tend to have a very strong idea about where I want the book to start and to end. The middle is usually a mess of empty nothingness.

The last novella I completed, I had sketched out the first two chapters and the last two chapters. When I tried to sketch out anything in the middle, my mind went blank. So I left a huge hole.

It always finds a way to fill itself in.

Q. What's your favorite indulgent treat?

A. I do have a sweet tooth, but it's getting weaker as I get older. Thank the Lord. Things I don't like - ice cream, popsicles, sugar candy. Things I love - brownies, homemade cookies, chocolate from our local chocolatier, muffins, Red Velvet Cake!

I like some chunks or substance to my sweets.

Q. Which of your books is your favorite?

A. I will have to choose SNOWDRIFT. I think because of the characters in that book. They just came to life. The dialogue was snappy. And there's was some great sexual tension in that book.

SNOWDRIFT is the story of an old high school crush. Piper was in love with her best friend's older brother, a football star. But he never knew it. Years later they meet again during a group ski trip in the mountains and the sparks fly once again.

Battling through their past hurts and misunderstandings was just so much fun. There is one particular scene where they kiss for the first time, that is just so heart-wrenching. Sigh...

Yes, for now, that is my favorite book.

Thanks so much for having me stop by!

Kris Eton
Kris Eton
MOONLIGHTING now available from The Wilder Roses

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Loribelle Hunt: Catured Moon

Captured Moon: Lunar Mates 6
Blurb and Excerpt
When her marriage ended, Abby retreated into herself to lick her wounds and rebuild her life. She’s found satisfaction and some success writing, and she’s happy. Mostly. Who wouldn’t welcome a little R&R?
Her favorite fantasy and many of her stories revolve around two men modeled after real life werewolf twins Rule and Lawe. When two of her friends talk her into participating in a local auction, fantasy and reality begin to mix. Rest and relaxation never felt so good, but is reality more than she bargained for?

Available June 27, 2008!

God, she couldn’t believe her own libido. A familiar awareness coursed through her just thinking about them. Rule and Lawe made her want wicked, sinful things. Things she’d never wanted with any man, much less two. It seemed so taboo, forbidden, especially considering she’d thought of them as her own brothers for years.
There were other considerations, though. Deep fears. Good reasons not to explore the passion she was sure could ignite between the three of them. That kind of thing tended to lead to mate bonds and the last thing she wanted was to be mated to a Panhandle werewolf. Or two. Sighing, she pushed those worries from her mind. It wasn’t like they’d showed that kind of interest.
She focused on the open doorway leading to the stage. The waitress at the entrance was hissing at her. Time to go on. She wondered how she was supposed to stroll across the stage without literally showing her ass. After walking out, it took her a moment to get her bearings. She’d never seen the bar from this angle.
“A yummy morsel, don’t you think, gentlemen?” Bill asked the crowd. “And I have to say, she’s just as lovely under the mask. Now, where should we start the bidding? Fifty? Do I have any takers?”
She shot him a horrified look. Was he crazy? No one was going to pay fifty dollars to go on a date with her! To her amazement, someone took the offer, then someone else countered. Before she knew it, the total was one hundred and fifty. She assumed that was the limit until she heard one of the dark, honeyed voices that fueled her dreams and fantasies up the bidding again.
Rule’s voice sent shivers down her spine. She longed to hear it in the darkest depths of night against her ear, whispering of the decadent things he was going to do to her and filled with the tenderness she ached to receive from him. Because as physically alluring as she found him, she wanted more. She wanted the steadiness, the strength of character, the caring and gentleness he’d shown her during the last year as she’d struggled to accept her divorce and the loss of her family.
But she only wanted a few nights. She wanted to be able to walk away. She tried to ignore a taunting internal voice. Yeah, right. Just a few nights.
After her parents’ deaths a little over a year ago, she’d taken the plunge and filed for divorce. Why she’d ever imagined a werepanther would be the same faithful, loving family man her werewolf father was escaped her. He was a cat, after all.
The loss of her parents had been horrific, but it had also been a wakeup call. She’d moved out within the week and started the long process of licking her wounds. Alex hadn’t fought for her. No, instead he heaved a sigh of relief and confessed he’d found someone else, someone he insisted was his mate even though, in her experience, werepanthers didn’t believe in life mates.
That was a week of changes. Maggie and Marilyn, who’d left for college and only returned for summer visits, moved back to Florida, and within a few, days the twins had come home too to take over their family’s bar. They were all together again. Sort of.
The twins switched responsibilities. Every couple of months, one would take over the bar, and the other would leave. She had no idea where they’d disappear to or what they did while they were gone. They’d both been gone for a few weeks in December, returning just in time for Christmas. They’d worked out some kind of part-time arrangement with the Hunters, but Marilyn had told her earlier in the evening that Lawe would be back soon and they were both done. Retiring.
Her pussy clenched at the thought of his return, and she tried to ignore the memories that rose. Lawe was something else entirely. Wild. Untamed. They’d grown close a few months ago, and she’d almost felt pursued as if he were hunting her, as if he were going to take that next step and ask her out. Or take her to bed. Then he’d backed off, and Rule had come home to take over. Maybe Lawe had sensed her desires and disapproved. Or just didn’t reciprocate.
And now Rule was bidding on her. Why?
She searched the crowd for him and groaned when she saw him standing at the rear of the bar. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a sound of pleasure, not even the small enjoyment she got scoping Rule out anonymously behind the mask, because standing next to him were Lawe and her ex, Alex.
She ignored Alex and concentrated on the twins. They looked so much alike, most people couldn’t tell them apart. Tall and fit, with matching green eyes and long dark hair, they turned heads. In personality, they were polar opposites. Where Rule was calm and collected, Lawe was a force of nature, always volatile and in motion.
Now, his brows were drawn down in a scowl, and he glared daggers at his brother before turning to gaze at her. The look didn’t soften when aimed in her direction. He recognized her. Did he not approve of his brother’s interest? Like this fiasco wasn’t bad enough, they both had to witness it?
With impatience, she waited for Bill to call an end to the bidding—she wanted to escape and fast—but before he could, the bid was upped again. The voice that called out one hundred seventy sent shivers up her a spine, and not in a good way. Ripping her gaze from the twins, she turned to the corner booth where Gage, the Alpha, held court. His lips turned up in the slightest smile and he lifted his beer to her in salute.
Her stomach flip-flopped. What the hell was he up to? The last thing she wanted was to come to the attention of the Panhandle Alpha. No way, no how. Thank you very much.
She whipped back around to Rule and Lawe. One of them had damned well better raise the bid. She was tempted to do it herself, but didn’t dare do anything that might embarrass Gage. He ruled the pack with an iron fist. As an unmated female associated with it, she was allowed a certain amount of latitude. But publicly opposing him… She shuddered. She didn’t want to know how he’d respond. Thankfully, Rule countered with two hundred. Gage held his gaze a long moment, nodded once, and let the bidding end.
Christmas Moon now available at Cobblestone Press
Rules of Engagement now available at Cobblestone Press
Fireworks now available at Samhain Publishing

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A Day in the Life of Cassandra Moore

A Day in the Life of Cassandra Moore


Hello, true believers. Cassandra Moore here. I'd like to tell you a little bit about how I run my life.

On the surface, my life seems to run like a chicken with its head cut off. If you delve deeper, however, you'll find something completely different.

About ten thousand chickens with their heads cut off.

There are patterns to all that fowl play. They tend to depend on what time of year it is, meaning whether or not my kids are in school, but even then there are things that don't change.

I wake up. It's seldom before 9 AM, and is more often about 9:30. Sometimes, I go as late as 10, and on the weekends, it might be closer to 11 or 11:30, but most weekdays it's around 9:30. I'm a late sleeper, mostly because my sleep's very fragile, so I spend some time in there awake, too.

Most mornings, it's a shower next. I plot best in the shower, so this isn't only about washing my hair. It's about kick starting my brain, getting the plot in order, and thinking about what I'm writing that day. Strange, isn't it? But it works.

Once I either have all the plotting done or I've run out of hot water, I throw on my clothes, open the bedroom door, and trip over the cats that are waiting for me. I stagger out and turn the AC to a less arctic temperature (I prefer to sleep in a blizzard), then check my e-mail.

The music goes on at this point. Generally, it's my big, random playlist. 193 songs, 14.3 hours of music.

Breakfast time. Bowl of cereal (usually Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds) with soy milk, glass of water, and my usual round of websites. I keep a tab on my Google homepage with all the writing oriented sites I look at, then I make the rounds of my friends' blogs, my favored news sites, the couple of forums I read, just the usual stuff. One of the cats begs for my cereal bowl, then realizes I have soy milk and gets disgusted with me.

If the kids aren't home for the summer, I feed the guinea pigs here, too. If the kids are home, they've already done it.

For the most part, I open up the document for the story I'm working on (if I even bothered to close it up the night before...most of the time, I don't reboot my computer, just turn off the monitor) and read over what I did the day before. I make a couple word adjustments, and get back into the feel of the story. I also look over the outline, and whatever wiki information I have on it (I have my own wiki to work with), and then I write.

There's a break for lunch in the afternoon. If the kids are in school, I go get them, and I grab food. I read a few websites, or do critique work if someone's sent me something. If it's the summer, I take the kids swimming and the break's a little longer. I read while they swim, and listen to my iPod.

Usually, it's back to the grindstone after that. If the kids are playing the XBox (and until I get my office set up in my bedroom), sometimes I'll get some chores done here, like picking up, laundry, phone calls, whatever. When I can, it's right back to writing until suppertime.

Kids usually eat first. My husband gets home later than they like to eat, so I get them fed. Sometimes, we go get Mr. Moore, sometimes he makes his way home on his own. Then I get the two of us fed.

Evenings are almost always the same, just variants on a theme. Occasionally, I'll keep writing, but it's often not very good for my carpal tunnel. A break at night is important for my health, and sometimes my sanity. You have to let the words come back. If I haven't hit my two thousand words that day, though, I do "overtime".

Other nights, if there's something on the television, we'll watch it. Sometimes we put on a movie, and I knit while we watch it. Some nights, we play video games together, either on the XBox 360 or on our computers. Feed the guinea pigs again, clean out their cage, make their food for the next day.

Then it's bedtime. We try to hit bed around 10:00 PM, but it never works that way. It's generally closer to 11:00, and on weekends, midnight or even later. We're usually up chatting til at least midnight either way, sometimes longer. (It tends to depend on how hard and fast the meds hit. No really, I'm an insomniac.)

And then...we do it all over again.

Isn't my life exciting?
Cassandra Moore

Vampire Oracle: New Life - Coming in October from Cobblestone Press!
Taint of Shadow - Coming soon from Cobblestone Press!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yolanda Sfetsos - Where do your ideas come from?

Yolanda Sfetsos - Where do your ideas come from?

You know, just like every writer out there, I'm always tempted to answer this question with a sarcastic response. Something like, "I buy them at the corner store, where you can get two for the price of one". Yeah, very witty, huh? Lol.

The truth is, I find ideas just about anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes, it can be as simple as waking up after a dream I've managed to hold onto. Or I could be looking at a picture online and there's a new idea. Other times, I might hear a line from a song and there's another new one. One of my faves is reading research material and having one drop right into my head. This actually happened with Guarded By Stone.

I don't know when they're going to strike, but when they do, I make sure I ponder the thought and write it down. Sometimes the ideas come fully developed and before I know it, I'm already working on the story. Other times, I need to slowly research and explore the character/s or situations that have entered my mind before I can start writing.

The only thing every process has in common, is how intriguing and exciting it is. There's nothing better than the excitement of discovering a new tale to tell, and all the things that go hand-in-hand with developing the idea into a story. Personally, I love it. I love chasing it to where it leads... hopefully, to a new short story, novella or novel.

So, when you get an idea, hold onto it and don't let it go. You'd be amazed at what it can develop into. For me, this extends to other things in life too.

Yolanda Sfetsos

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sophie Athens: The Vampire Oracle: HUNGER


Olivia Johns, a counselor who specializes in helping vampires blend into the human world and "conquer" their blood thirst, receives in the mail a strange card that says "Hunger"--a card that not only jump-starts a restless, aching need within her, but serves as the catalyst for a chain of events she can't stop.

Spurred by this new sensation building within her, Olivia meets Marcus Willoughby, the sexy, self-assured vampire who owns a night club, and is drawn to him with a hunger that surprises her. Suddenly, Olivia is forced to confront her own fears and prejudices about vampires...when Marcus turns her into one herself.


The dance floor split in half as a tall man strode confidently down the middle. He came right toward her. Her breath caught in her throat as she slid her gaze up his strong, firm legs encased in black pants. A blood-red shirt opened at his neck, accentuating his pale skin, and a shock of black hair was cropped short on his head, the front slightly spiked.

But his gray eyes stopped Olivia, froze any thought that came to mind, as they boldly returned her stare. They were the color of a cold winter sky, though the look in them was anything but frosty as he held her gaze.

Her heart raced, beating hard against her chest. As her head swam, she realized she’d been holding her breath. She quickly exhaled then drew in a short burst of air.

The intoxicating man stopped less than a foot from her. His warm, earthy cologne hit her nostrils, and she closed her eyes for a quick second, breathing him in.

He turned to the drunken man then spoke in a low, relaxed tone. “Go.”

The guy didn’t say a word but walked away quietly, which Olivia saw out of the corner of her eye. She still couldn’t take her eyes off the gray-eyed man’s face.

He turned his attention back to her, a smile spreading across his mouth. “I’m Marcus,” he said, extending his hand. “The owner of this club. Sorry if he was bothering you.”
“Olivia.” She took his hand. “Thanks for sending him away.”

He thumbed the crease of her palm, sending spirals of warm, sexual tingles across her skin, down to her lower belly.

“Would you like to dance?” she blurted out. A flush spread across her cheeks at her unusual boldness, but something about Marcus made her want to be as close to him as possible.

He smiled again, tugging her close to him. His mouth hovered no more than a couple of inches from hers, his eyes hooded. “Love to.”

She dumped her bottle in the nearby trash can as he led her out onto the floor, and a grinding song pounded into the room. Alcohol coursed through her body in a warm sprawl, making her movements slower than usual. Marcus moved in close, then closer, his body brushing hers. Her nipples awoke beneath the thin fabric, perking at the sensation of his hard, warm chest against hers.

Sliding her hands along his shoulders, she found herself unable to stop the wanton grind against him. She rubbed the front of her pelvis along his upper thigh, reveling in his sharp intake of breath. She caressed his neck with her fingers, behind his ear, then down the firm muscles of his back.

The music throbbed in her, pulsed like the hunger that flushed her skin and parted her bare thighs in anticipation. Her panties grew wet, warm against her skin.

She wanted this man, wanted him with a need that startled her, even as she grew excited. She pushed her body tighter against him, his lean, muscled thigh wedged firmly between her legs.

He bent over and rubbed his lips along her shoulder, breathing deeply. His tongue lightly touched the dip behind her collarbone. “You taste so good,” he murmured.
A small flutter ran through her stomach, and her head felt light, almost dizzy. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so aroused. But she needed some fresh air, needed to strip off her clothes and feel this man on top of her, pushing into her, needed to run her hands across his skin.

She nudged her face beside his ear, letting the words in the back of her mind flow out of her mouth. “Let’s get out of here.”


Sophie Athens has always had a love of romance, from the time she was a pre-teen hiding in her room to read her mom's Harlequin novels. However, it wasn't until 2007 that she picked up her laptop and started writing one. Her first novella, HUNGER, is now available with Cobblestone Press here --

Sophie has a degree in English and happily lives in Ohio with her family. In her free time, she loves to play video games, watch chick flicks, read scads of books, shop for hot shoes, and harass her friends.

Visit her on the web at for more details.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Dee Carney's First Sale

My First Sale

A DJ on the radio asked listeners to think about the careers they had once dreamed of having when they were children. I thought long and hard about it and ran through my list...I'd wanted to be a medical doctor (ugh. too much school), a vet (allergic to a million things), a child psychiatrist (wtf?), a chef (still holding on to this one), an artist (not enough money per my dad) and a writer. That last one took me by surprise because I'd completely forgotten that once upon a time, I'd wanted to be a writer when I grew up. So how, if I'd forgotten I'd wanted to be a writer, did I end up here? Well, lemme tell you...

Scroll back about fifteen years. Sitting in a sociology course, I had an instructor who loved to hear himself talk. I mean LOVED. While sitting there bemoaning the mandatory attendance requirement, I thought up a story about a servant and a land owner (think pre-Civil War) who embark into a marriage agreement so that he can keep his inheritance. For the next year, whenever I had a course that bored me to tears, I whipped out my story idea and wrote an actual story to go along with it. When school ended, so did my writing. I had to go work in the real world...with only 1 1/2 chapters left to go. To this day, I still have 1 1/2 chapters left of the story. One day I'll finish it. But I digress....

Scroll back about eight months ago. While perusing a publisher site for kicks and giggles, someone mentioned joining NaNo. Being the internet detective that I am, I went to the site. After reading some more, I figured, what the heck...and signed up. Since it was only October, I also figured I'd better practice since my writing was a little rusty. So I thought up a story about a man who dies. But then comes back - in a new time & place. After I finished the first two chapters, I gave them to my secretary to read. She became engrossed in the story and refused to talk to me until I'd handed her the next chapter. And the next. And the next. All of a sudden, I was writing The End.

I was very proud when I handed her that final chapter. If I say so myself, it was a pretty good story. She thought so too. She called me out of a meeting to gush over the story. And my head got too big to fit through doorways. And when she told me to submit it to a publisher, my head was so big it barely fit into the car for the ride home.

Once again, what the heck? flashed through my mind. And I submitted it to this e-publisher with a good reputation and fair terms. The fact that their authors had positive things to say about them didn't hurt either. And on Christmas Day while sitting at work I opened up my email to find a letter from Deanna Lee letting me know that she enjoyed my story too.

SOLDIER released from Cobblestone Press in April of 2008. Since then I've been contracted for an additional two stories with Cobblestone. I'm only looking forward from here. Who knew that a little kid a zillion years ago could have predicted the direction her life would head? I'm glad she did.


Dee Carney (aka Morgan Sierra)
SOLDIER available now at Cobblestone Press

Sunday, June 08, 2008

An Interview with Leila Brown

Woo HOO!! An interview with Leila Brown!

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Well let’s see…I’m an avid reader. Always have been, always will be. I enjoy a good story whether it’s romance, science fiction, or horror. I’m in it for the story. That’s what I strive for. In every story I write I try to provide my readers with a great story first and foremost.

Were you a reader before you became a writer? Oh yes. I could read 3-4 category romances a day or one and a half single titles. I spent hundreds of dollars a month on books.

Did you always aspire to be an author? Was writing a passion of yours? Yes. I started writing in the second grade. Unfortunately, I didn’t win that first writing contest. But it created the need to write.

Have you always had the writing bug? And how long have you been writing? I’ve been writing seriously since 2002. I entered contest but didn’t start sending my work out to publishing companies until 2005.

Your real job is very different (non-creative) from writing. Does this difference drive your imagination? Some days. My day job as a computer programmer/analysts can be a drain. If I’m dealing with a particular hard problem or training people then I use the creative juices try to come up with ways to explain technical things to non-technical people. Other days I find myself coming up with new ideas while I work. I keep a notebook handy for just such an occasion.

What is the best part of being a writer? Creating stories that entertain me and getting paid for it.

How did you get your break and sell your first book? It’s kind of funny. The first book I sold will actually be my fourth book released. When Cobblestone Press first came out with their Vampire Oracle line I loved the oracle card images. I submitted three proposals. Battle, Lust, and Hunger. On Aug. 10th 2007 (like how I remember the date?) the publisher contacted me and expressed how much she liked my Hunger proposal. But she felt it fit the Sacrifice card better. After reading through her reasoning, I had to agree.

Has your writing made you adjust your lifestyle in any way? I’ve learned sleep is for wimps! No, actually I learned to take care of my family first. After that the day job and finally all free time is spent on writing and promoting my books.

Are you planning on writing any series books or do you have any more books that lead on from your existing titles that we should know about? You betcha. The sequel to The Diamond Heartstone is The Pearl Heartstone. I am working on that one right now. It’s the story of how the nasty prince meets his match.

The sequel to A Chance Encounter is also in the works. It will detail how Monique, Heather business partner and best friend, gets caught by her own set of powerful Faeries. Yes, it’s another ménage.

And…as if that wasn’t enough, in September and October of this year I will be releasing Mastering Mirage and Making Mischief. These will be the stories of Soundwave’s sisters who are out searching for big sis when they cross the wrong men. Is that enough? J
~Addictive Erotic Romance You Can't Resist~

What is a blog tour...?

Beats me. But it sounded like fun, so I signed up. :)

Watch here during the following 14 days for posts about some of my fantastic fellow authors with Cobblestone Press.