Monday, April 11, 2005

Hello World!

Hi! I'm L. Shannon and I am jumping head first into the Blogging Pool... OK actually I am just Shannon. Welcome!
At first I was hesitant to try blogging. It seems a bit like a waste of time to spend time writing here when I could be doing so many other things... But so many have told me of what they get out of it and I see so many wonderful blogs that provide useful info that here I go with my contribution.

A little about me, Shannon K., Shannon M., L. Shannon, Just Shannon, Shannon, so you know what to expect here at my blog spot. I am 29, again. I live on a piece of family property that at times is called a farm, in rural Western PA. My house is the same one that my great-grandfather build by hand. I have spent the last 7 years attempting to restore it. The first 5 of those years I spend with the help of my husband making sometimes drastic changes to the house in the homes of making it livable. So far I and the house are still struggling with that goal. The husband cried surrender, and fled.

Others that share my life... I have a close knit family that mostly lives close by. This of course is a blessing and a curse. For me at least I find it heavy on the end of blessing and blessedly light on the curse. On our ~40 acre property are 4 homes and a 5th being built. My parents have a wonderful old house that was build out of the materials that once were a church on the same site. My brother, his wife and two sons live in a house next to our parents. My uncle and his wife live on my side of the road but across a stream from me. And my cousin is building his home across the road from me. Now that I think about it... it sounds a bit like either a hippy commune or a hollow in W. VA. Hmmmm.... Actually, it is wonderful to have family close enough to call for help but far enough to have some space. In other words, perfect.

Animals... I have always been surrounded by animals... And I don't count my brother. I grew up amidst horses, dogs, sheep, and cat among a variety of other animals. The horses we raised and competed locally with were P.O.A.s Pony of America. which are like small Appaloosas. They were an altogether wonderful breed. Now we only have one horse, a 3/4 arab who has reached the age of 32 and is still doing fine. Just the other day we had a pretty day and let the boys ride him a bit to get pictures. In addition to the horses, I have been involved with the showing and breeding of (American) Cocker Spaniels for over 20 years. I will only admit to over 20 years because I started showing at the age of 9. You do the math, I am 29 (again). LOL.

Now on to that new part of my life that this blog may, or may not end up focusing on... Writing. I Picked up the pen in June of 2004. Not so long ago. I started jotting down notes and shortly had the idea for a story... then the story grew and became a series... then the series expanded to become a whole world. I write paranormals... Mostly paranormal romance but the latest tickle leans toward dark fantasy with romantic elements. hmmm.... My characters all exist in the same universe and at any one moment one from one series may interact with one from a different series. Its part of the fun.

I hope that my track record will continue and one day I will be referred to as a 'prolific author'. I finished my first novel, Father of the Wolf in April of 2005. That doesn't sound prolific, You say? Well, by they point I had also finished a novella, Of Blood and Blessing, written more than 150, 000 words and plotted out the story lines for a 12 book series and ~20 novellas. In short, I had designed my world. I have tried to continue at that hectic pace.

Well I have to wonder off and take care of the dogs... More to come soon.