Friday, December 01, 2006

The Holiday Spirit

I love Christmas. I always have and -I'm quite sure- always will. It's a little kid kind of feeling that wants to reach out and share the holiday spirit with everyone I meet. Yes, I am one of those people. My house actually boasted a decorated tree all this last year. Every holiday that past earned it a different sash or boa. I just couldn't bear to take it down.
Yep I even sing Christmas songs. (grin)

This year I will be offering a story set at Christmas time through Cobblestone Press. Destiny is also book two in my Eagle Clan series. Check out more about it on my website.

The best part about Christmas isn't the getting of presents, though that is pretty nice. No... the best part is the giving. I totally love giving. So this year I am giving a ton of stuff away with my Tinsel Tag game. But that wasn't enough. I had to give more. All of my short work available through will be free for the whole month of December. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.

who is thinking about a new short story which may be titled Holiday Spirit.