Monday, February 20, 2012

Check out the pretty OBAB cover!

Cover art is just like getting a surprise gift. No matter whether the wrapping is fancy or plain old newspaper, you still hold your breath and tear it open, hoping...

Yay! It's fantastic!! And not socks. lol.

Of Blood and Blessings is being released with Liquid Silver Books on April 9, 2012. Since this once one of my very first books and has been through a few rough revisions, I'm very excited to seeing it finally find a new place to be.

Some might remember that this book was originally released with Changeling Press. To be clear I still love them plenty. :) The reason it was pulled and is being released is for two reasons - 1. I wanted to clean this book up some. Since it was written so long ago, I really wanted to improve it using what I've learned in all the recent years. and 2. The third and final book in this trilogy was finally finished and I wanted to release all three books from the same publisher. Since book 2 was with Cobblestone Press, I decided it would be fairest to pull both released books, rework them and offer the three together to a third publisher. I'm very happy I did and can't wait to see them all out there once more.

You can see more about the Blood Royals Trilogy on my website.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moore Money? Yahoo!

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd share a post I recently got from my writing buddy, Deb Moore. So here ya go...

Hey, girl! Guess what I’ve been up to?

My new book, The Business of Writing, went live on Amazon! Unlike other finance and business books out there, this one is geared specifically to writers and the challenges we face.

I’ve been doing bookkeeping and creative writing for over twenty-five years, and I was finally able to combine the numbers side and creative side of my brain to produce a book every writer will find useful.

My book will show how to save time and money all year long as well as during tax season. This way, writers can focus on writing instead of stressing over the financial side of the business.

In the book, I’ve included information on managing the daily bill and receipt piles with a tool called the Money Journal. There are tips and tricks on tracking all financial matters along the way quickly and easily—and in a way that will save them time and money at tax time. The book covers how the structure of our businesses is so important and can make a huge difference come tax time. Also, the book has an exhaustive list of expenses specific to writers—some that writers are probably already tracking, and many they may not be.

There is a lot more information in the book, and I included loads of links to forms I designed, spreadsheets writers would find helpful, and IRS publications every writer should know about.

I know you get financial questions all the time. Here’s the link to the Amazon page. There’s more information about everything the book contains there.

Debra Moore

Moore Bookkeeping—because you went into business to make money, not count it.