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NEW RELEASE! Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown (ADULT EXCERPT)

Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown
Erotic Urban Fantasy
L. Shannon -
Cobblestone Press -
February 22, 2008

Mated sex demons, Mayce and Spyce visit a paranormal sex club in search of a vampire who helped abduct their fellow Synn demon, Flayvor. What begins as interrogation edging with a need for revenge shifts and becomes more. Dante's lifetime of torture has created the perfect submissive, perfect to be their third if only they can teach him how to thrive under their loving dominance.

Mayce waited until the vampire began across the room, before grabbing Spyce and dragging her into a hard kiss. They came together with a crash and sparred for dominance that neither would truly gain. The battle was one Mayce lived for. Passion flared and he was rock hard and aching for her in seconds.

Never one to deny himself pleasure, he shoved her back until she hit the low wall around the pool area. “Lose the clothes.”

“Make me.”

He growled and let his magic burst outward, dissolving both his and her clothing. He hooked his arm under one thigh, opening her, but instead of a fast fuck like he’d originally imagined, he exposed his mind to her and they became one in thought and action. She reached between them, stroking his throbbing erection, rubbing the head over her wet entrance. Slowly, ever so slowly, he pushed in, reveling in her passionate response when she arched backward, trusting him to support her upper body.

Then she was all liquid movement, writhing against him, working herself over his thick length. Her inner muscles tightened, as she rocked her hips upward and locked her thighs around him. Her orgasm hit fast and left him gasping to join her. He cradled her tight against his chest and rolled his hips, drawing out and slamming back into her body. The trembling remains of her climax rushed him toward his own peak.

Growling, he burrowed his face into her hair and nipped at her ear and the soft place beneath it. Her face turned upward and he captured her lips. She tasted of deadly temptation, of the darkest spices known to any realm. No, not of spice, even if she was named such. She tasted of soul—his soul. She was everything to him. Without her he would die a slow fading death. She was life and passion. Spyce was his world.

And you are a poet. Now quit waxing eloquent and fuck me already.

I love you, Spyce. He so much more than loved her. He breathed her. But instead of pointing that out, he complied and fucked her, deepening his strokes so that he was withdrawing almost to the tip before driving back into her. Pleasure built, setting his blood on fire. The deep ache grew too, throbbing, demanding, until the moment came and his panting breath choked him.

“Yes!” Spyce screamed and they came together.

They took a few moments to regain a firmer footing on the earth as well as to reform clothing. Then they turned their focus on the vampire who had just watched them fuck without saying a word.

Spyce caught Mayce’s hand as they crossed the room. He was awfully quiet and look at his face. It is as if he has never seen sex before, but running a sex club and having toys such as he does, he must have a great deal of experience.

Perhaps he did not expect to see love between us. That might have been a surprise. Mayce saw exactly what Spyce had mentioned. Dante’s face was carefully blank, but his eyes held a longing that spoke more than any lips could. This vampire had needs that had never been met or at least had gone neglected far too long.

Pain slivered through Mayce’s memories. He’d once been that alone. Even tascing mortals with sex and finding orgasm time after time would never fill the void left raw and aching for love and acceptance. In that moment, he wanted to offer some of that gift to the vampire. Perhaps we can fulfill some of his needs.

Don’t forget, love, we are about to question him. Such interrogation could dance at the edge of pain.

Ah, but our Dante likes that. Mayce released his mate’s hand and faced Dante. “Did you enjoy watching?”


Mayce caught Dante’s jaw in a hard grip. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, master.” The emotion flared and then faded, leaving the vampire’s blue eyes cold and dead.

“Very good.” Mayce released him and stepped back to examine the sexual tools hanging on the wall beside the post. First he would push Dante past the living death where he now existed and then they would bring him back to life, rebirthed through pain and pleasure. “Tell me what you saw, while Spyce binds you in place.”


Reviews: coming soon at

L.Shannon ~ dark paranormal romance
Walk on the dark side of sexy with Tascryn demons at their naughtiest.
Anom'tan 1: Walking with Synn ~ "simply amazing" Coffee Time Romance
Anom'tan 2: Walking in Memories ~ "best erotic shower scene known to man" EuroReviews
Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown ~ 2/22/08 with Cobblestone Press
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A good day...

Yesterday was a good day. I woke up and got all the dogs settled for a few hours and then settled myself in to do some writing. I did some much to my pleasure. I put another small dent in the page count for Journey. Then as a reward I checked my email and found a note from Samhain. Not a contract, although that would have been wonderful, but instead I found a very nice request for revisions. Since all the suggestions were more than reasonable, I shifted gears and started working on that.

Then I get an excited email from my CP Deb (Moira Reid). It seemed that Kate Duffy had chosen her winner for the Brava Novella Contest. How exciting... so I hop over there and find out, it wasn't me. It was Eve Powers with Unexpectedly Expecting, which I thought was a wonderful entry. Congrats Eve!

Also in the note was mention of the fact that Kate had called all the finalists. Hmm... Only call I had that day was what I'd assumed was a telemarketer and ignored. Oooops! (Sorry Kate!) So I race out into the snow to the only part of my yard where I get cell phone reception and check my messages. Yep, it was Kate Duffy from Kensington Press, saying to call her back.

Now I'm in full panic mode. I IM Deb and she got a similar message. So she calls while I settle the dogs and try to stop shaking. Then I call.

Kate was wonderful to talk to. Seemed to have no trouble understanding my blubbering at all and she said some very nice things about my entry, Zeven Ways to Kill Your Lover. (Yay!) And in the end, she wants me to send my full to her when it's ready. Since it is complete and just needs a little tweaking I expect I will be sticking Zeven into the mail very soon.

Oh and Deb got a request too! How exciting! While I'm still flying high and of course calling my Mom and hubby and just about everyone I know... I get another email. My RWA PAN membership was aproved. Although I have considered myself published for a while, now it seems RWA agrees. :)

Today has not been such a good day. I seem to have the flu or some similar evil. I've spent nearly the whole day in bed and food is currently the enemy.... My only hope is tomorrow might be another good one.


Monday, February 11, 2008

"best erotic shower scene known to man" (ADULT)

I just found an awesome review for Anom'tan 2: Walking in Memories!

"The best erotic shower scene known to man has been unveiled in L. Shannon's latest novel, Walking in Memories. Good storyline and characterization is a plus as well in this new paranormal tale." EuroReviews

Thank you Aya29!

For anyone who missed this, I thought I would post a little of the scene. If you want the full book you can buy it at .


Strong arms lifted her upright. She burrowed against him, against Rayce, letting him hold her. “Your shirt is soaked,” she mouthed into the cold fabric. She pushed it out of the way, needing contact with his skin, desperate for the heat that poured off him.

Then the shirt was gone. Still, he held her against him, his heat burning her front, the hot water beating at her back. It teased at the cold core of her body, tempting her to let go of fear and accept his strength as her own.

The stall door moved and Chayse joined them in the shower, but he’d removed his clothes, down to a pair of boxers. She smiled at the concession. Both were trying to comfort and care for her. Both were trying too hard to be non-threatening.

Chayse eased closer and began to slowly soap her skin, washing away the crusted blood and cold sweat. His touch was so gentle, almost tentative. She liked that about him. He was so strong and yet every time he touched her, he was gentle and reverent.

Trapped between the two, she should have been terrified, but instead felt sheltered. They came for her because of their protective ways. To protect Flav. “I want to help.”

Both men stilled. Chayse’s soapy hands tightened a little where they framed her waist.

“I want to help,” she repeated. “You both have promised to not hurt me. I’m going to choose to believe you.” She took a shaky breath and continued. “You can take my blood, rummage through my mind. I allow you to. I want you to if it will help save Flav.”

Chayse stroked a light touch over where he’d bitten her. “I’m sorry.”

She turned to face him, leaning back into Rayce’s arms. “I might panic again. I want you to do whatever you can to get me through it. If not for you, I would still be an empty shell, with my past and future locked away.” She cupped a hand over his smooth jaw. “I trust you. I trust you both.”

With those words she handed her life over to these two men. Oddly, the surrender was not scary at all. Instinctively she knew they were capable enough to not make mistakes as well as compassionate enough to honor their promises. She watched with pleasure as their gazes locked above her and some silent agreement was reached.

It was Rayce who turned her to face him and took control with a somewhat wry grin. I am the distraction. His lips met hers with a crash of force. Unlike Chayse, Rayce was dominant and commanding. He had control of the kiss and with sure hands, carved her bare body against his own.

She reached between them and began to unbutton his jeans, but a few helpless tugs told her getting the drenched fabric off was impossible. But all at once the denim dissolved under her fingers, leaving nothing but flesh. His c**k rose hard against the junction of her thighs. She wrapped her fingers around him, stroking over the silken length, reveling in his growl of need.

Her own desire spiraled upward. She couldn’t be sure it was real, but for now it was enough. She lifted one knee, curling her calf around Rayce’s muscular leg. His c**k shifted perfectly against her throbbing c**t. Her body jumped at the contact, sliding over his swollen head and sheathing him in a shallow stroke.

His fingers dug into her hips, lifting her to ride him. He leaned back against the wall of the stall and thrust up into her. Over and over, he took her hard and fast. The first orgasm hit without warning. She shattered, clenching over his thick c**k while his arms crushed her against his chest. Her heart pounded out of control.

Then he was thrusting again, this time with long slow motions that pushed the need through her veins, demanding she come again.

She gripped his thick blond hair in an attempt to drag him into a kiss. He refused, and responded by slamming up into her. He groaned and buried his head against her throat.

Suddenly she knew what he wanted, what he had to have. She tilted her head, baring her neck to him. A low growl was her only warning. Then his fangs sank into her...


Want to know what Chayse was up to? Buy it at If you still haven't tried this series and like an erotic paranormal romance/urban fantasy check out book one at

The next book in the series, Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown will be available on February 22 from Cobblestone Press.


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