First Kiss Friday

There is something special about the first time lips come together. It's a kind of magic that can bind or destroy the entire future of a romance. On this page here you can find links to the First Kisses of my couples as well as any other writers who join in.

Shannon's Kisses

Acacia I: Abducting Aeron
Acacia II: Blindsided
Acacia III: Cravings

Anom'tan 1: Walking with Synn
Anom'tan 2: Walking in Memories
Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown
Anom'tan 4: Walking Death's Edge

Blood Royals 1: Of Blood and Blessings
Blood Royals 2: Blood Reign
Blood Royals 3: Blood Justice

Division Eight: Zeven Ways to Kill Your Lover

Dragonbound: Amethyst Bound
Dragonbound: Jade Prince
Dragonbound: Jade Triangle

Ghosts of Midnight Ridge: Nothing but Ash

Hellish Love Stories: Hotter than Hell

Or you can search for all the First Kisses by label. Just click here!