Monday, October 13, 2008

Attracted to Sociopaths?

Apparently I am. One of my addictions is DEXTER. If you aren't an addict like me, let me share the premise...

Dexter is a killer. After watching his mother be brutally killed right in front of him as well as some other really bad shit, he grew up with an uncontrollable desire to kill. Since he can't stop killing he channels it into the slightly more appropriate task of killing bad guys, usually very bad guys. Other than that he works as a blood spatter guy at the Miami PD and tries hard to fit into a world he feels very apart from. Part of that is an adopted sister with a foul mouth and a girlfriend who survived a seriously abusive prick of a husband.

Now back to the title of this post. I seriously love me some Dexter. Now logic says that a good man with a fairly well adjusted psyche is a much better choice. yet here I am blogging about a homicidal madman.


Cause unrealistic as it is, what he is pushes all the right primal buttons. At least this is my theory. See he is at the top of his food chain, a dominant male who is unthreatened by any. As a mate, that is appealing. In this weeks episode, he hunts a child predator who was a threat to his girlfriends daughter. WOW... can protect his young! Yep another primal need checked off. This guy has it all. He survives in an environment that is hostile to what he is.. not he doesn't just survive, he thrives.

Yep... my primal urges are all rampaging.

Since the premise is taken and being done so dang well, I guess I'll have to just stick to writing about demons who kill and werewolves that hunt...

I'm of to dream of Dex.