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April 2008 News

L. Shannon’s News for
April 2008

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April 2008 à My author interview in CPQ, Cobblestone Press Quarterly!
April 18, 2008 à Acacia 1: Abducting Aeron – Changeling Press
May 30, 2008 à Anom’tan 4: Walking Death’s Edge - Cobblestone Press
June 2008àA Lover’s Touch – released in June 2008 issue of CPQ
July 2008àFather of the Wolf coming in print

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ACACIA: Abducting Aeron
Changeling Press
Genre: Erotic futuristic VampireApril 18, 2008
Aeron is a vampire spy who spends more time on Rahla than on his new home world, but suddenly his cover is blown and he finds himself at the mercy of his human, planet side contacts and desperate to get back to the safety of Acacia.

Helia is drawn to Aeron despite her sister’s dire warnings. When he’s captured by the human catcher guards she goes in to rescue him, offering her protection, her blood and her body.


Helia craved the strength she felt in the arms of this virtual stranger. She didn’t understand it. Didn’t really want to. Trusting him had been easy from first sight, which had only been a week ago. Still, her own contacts had found nothing yet about her father. Aeron was her only hope of finding her father alive, or whatever version of life the vampires had.
After sharing a world with the undying ones, she should know more about than she did. Instead she’d allowed them to become no more than a word that meant different. But Aeron didn’t feel so very different. If anything he felt more right than any human man ever had before.
His cool strength enveloped her while one hand slowly stroked up and down her back, soothing her like a child.
But she wasn’t a child. The casual touch sent waves of pleasure vibrating through her body, tightening her desire, making it obvious that her body wanted more than just to be held. She’d wanted more right from the first moment she’d met him. More… of everything he had to offer and yet, for a week they had only danced around the attraction.
She was done dancing.

*Currently available*
Cobblestone Press
Anom'tan 1: Walking with Synn ~ 7/20/07 ~ excerpt - buy
Anom'tan 2: Walking in Memories ~9/21/07~ excerpt - buy
Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown ~ 2/22/08 ~ excerpt - buy
Eagle Clan 1: Father of the Wolf ~ 6/30/06 ~ excerpt - buy
Eagle Clan 2: Destiny ~ 6/30/06 ~ excerpt - buy
Lynx Clan 1: Forgiven ~ 9/15/06 ~ excerpt - buy
Origins: Vali's Curse ~ 11/10/06 ~ excerpt - buy
Origins: A Spirit United ~ 11/2/07 ~ excerpt - buy
Origins: My Immortal ~ 12/14/07 ~ excerpt - buy
Tascryn: Season of Blood ~ 10/31/06 ~ excerpt - buy
Tascryn Royals 2: Blood Reign ~ 1/19/07 ~ excerpt - buy
Tascryn: Surviving Synn ~ 5/11/07 ~ excerpt - buy
Forever Eden ~ 8/17/07 ~ excerpt - buy

Changeling Press
Tascryn Royals 1: Of Blood and Blessings ~ 6/2/06 ~ excerpt ~ buy
Chances: A Snowball's Chance (hot flash) ~ 3/3/08 ~ excerpt ~ buy
Acacia 1: Abducting Aeron ~ 4/18/08 ~ excerpt ~ buy it soon!