Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday: The Longest Journey

This Sunday my six are from my WIP, Eagle Clan 3: The Longest Journey.

In his dream they were not helpless, they were strong and powerful and free. He wasn’t alone. He was with another. A black dragon raced beside him. They soared together across the star brightened night sky. The joy and exhilaration burned away old fears leaving nothing but the caress of the night over glistening wings.

Curious? Here's the blurb:
It all began at Black Dawn, that terrible day when so many loved ones from the Eagle Clan died, but centuries pass and time does much to heal bodies and souls. Cradh and Adhar were only children then, but for al their lives they have known they were destined to be mates. But Cradh’s body and magic was broken in the attack and ever since they have been forced to be no more than friends. But time can heal hearts too, and their chance for love has come at long last…

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday: Destiny

This Sunday my six are from Eagle Clan 2: Destiny now available at Cobblestone Press.

Just then, blue spotlights came on and skipped around before focusing center stage where the curtain cracked open slightly. Soft, deliberately fuzzy music floated over them. A long, perfectly formed leg slid from between the curtains then was followed by the attached and equally perfect body, which moved like silk, flowing gently as if carried by the smooth notes. Kita envied the dancer’s grace and beauty that inspired every man to focus on her motion. Two other women joined her on stage and they, too, were beautiful, but Destiny was the perfect one that they all wished could be theirs.

And she was the one that this demon would fight for.

Curious? Here's the blurb:
Rath and Dàn travel to Niagara Falls searching for the truth about Dàn’s father. They find a playboy, sex demon, with all the answers but he expects them to jump through hoops to get them. Before they get the chance, Dàn is attacked by a secretive enemy and Rath is falling in love with a woman who needs him to protect her child from a terrorizing pedophile. There is still a chance it will work out, with the “help” of a troublesome Gypsy girl, a rogue werewolf and a would-be werewolf hunter…

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday: Father of the Wolf

This Sunday my six are from Eagle Clan 1: Father of the Wolf now available at Cobblestone Press.

Hope hadn’t taken her eyes from the animal. It looked like a large wolf. Very large. The poor thing deserved better than this. As she watched Steve approach it, Hope saw what he couldn’t. Two pale, glowing eyes, blinking open.

Curious? Here's the blurb:
Between a wolf and his woman awaits the love they have both been searching for but to reach it they must overcome doubt, fear and betrayal. After several hundred years of isolation Athair and his clan of Valafrn rejoin the American world in search of mates. As a veterinarian, Hope doubts her sanity when she discovers that the wolf who is hit by a car is actually the man of her dreams.

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Six Sentence Sunday: Another Chance (ADULT)

This Sunday my six are some fireworks from Another Chance now available at Changeling Press.

His flames burst higher, with them in the center of all that heat.

Arching upward, Josh bellowed and came with a rush.

He claimed his mouth, swallowing down the pleasure, consuming, being consumed. His own orgasm roared in his ears, stole his breath and left him shattered and weak, collapsed over Josh’s lax body.

The insistent elbow to his rib roused him moments later. “Chance… tell me you aren’t capable of nuclear reaction. You aren’t, are you?”

Curious? Here's the blurb:
It’s stupid to want to spend Christmas with a Demon, right? Even if he is your lover. Trouble is, Josh is an incurable romantic -- at least when it comes to this particular Demon. All Josh wants for Christmas is another chance…

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Friday, July 02, 2010

First Kiss Friday: Hotter than Hell

This week's First Kiss Friday is from Hotter than Hell.

Cupping his firm jaw and staring into the endless depths of his emerald eyes, she contemplated her options. She could either bemoan her loss of consciousness, or she could embrace this wonderful dream. The decision was easy. All her life she’d played it safe and missed out on adventure. This one time she could have the best of both. This adventure was about as safe as could be considering she’d eventually wake up and go back to her life. Maybe she’d even remember the dream and be able to hold onto the memory when life in Demon got too boring.

Not to mention that nagging sense of something was yelling to jump in and live a little.

Yep, decision made—she’d enjoy the moment. Lani slid her fingers up around his neck, pulling him down and planting a kiss on him. She licked over his lips until they softened and parted. She’d be bold and take a kiss like none she ever had before… or she would have if she knew how. Fortunately, the second she hesitated, her mystery hero licked right into the pause, teasing her tongue into a proper tangle, devouring her down while still leaving her some control. In other words, he was a darn good kisser. When they finally drew back, she was left panting with desire deeper than she’d felt in years. Maybe more than she’d felt ever.

And he had yet to answer a single question. In the aftermath of the kiss, she didn’t care much about his answers, was having some trouble even remembering her questions. “I never knew I had such a good imagination...” She kissed him again, licking over the crease of his lips and diving back in when those lips parted for her.

With her arms around his neck and her mouth locked firmly to his, she easily lost track of how far he carried her. Not that it really mattered here in dreamland. Finally they came to a halt, and she came up for air. He’d stopped in front of a plain door, which opened without him touching it.

Hotter than Hell
A Hellish Love Story novella by L. Shannon
Paranormal Romance (demons!)
Now Available: Liquid Silver Books

As the librarian for a small town of Demon, Arizona, Lani Monroe has a certain sedate image to maintain. But her calm life takes a hot turn when she falls through a portal to hell and lands in the lap of the oh-so-sexy Prince of Pestilence. Meryk has no idea how the human ended up in his arms or why she seems to think she’s asleep, but he’s more than willing to prove he can be the demon of her dreams.

Now available at Liquid Silver Books!

L. Shannon for Dark Paranormal Romance ~
Romance - stalking outside the bounds of reality