Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Killing Elvis

All you Elvis fans, don't take this the wrong way, but I have to kill him. Call him a sacrifice if you like but for the good of my writing mojo...

Elvis must die.

Or at least he needs to get his awesome ass songs off the itunes playlist for my writing. You see, I started writing after changing my prefered music from oldies and country to alternative rock/metal. Pretty drastic perhaps, but it was a time when I needed change and it worked for me. Well 2010 has been a bit more laid back and in turn I added a bunch of songs to my favorite playlist, "Writing Music". Some of the new additions include Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel, Burning Love, All Shook Up, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Love Me Tender, Don't Be Cruel. Yeah, goodies. I actually love to sing (badly) along with Elvis. But apparently I can't write to his songs.

It's not just Elvis who will get the ax. Also on the cut list are:
Air Supply (wtf? Hubby must have snuck this one in.)
Beatles (*cries*)
Big and Rich (well hell, it's about saving horses and riding cowboys. What's not to love?)
Blackhawk (who is this again?)
Blake Sheldon (huh?)
Bon Jovi (sigh over my lost youth)
Bryan Adams (how did he even sneak in?)
Celine Dion (seriously losing street cred, aren't I?)
Dixie Chicks (OMG Kill me now. Me and Earl both.)
and Elvis

Over 40 songs cut just through "E". I'm finding it actually painful to gut my song list like this but with a little luck it will revive the hunger in my writing. I need to remember what it felt like to die with each word and bleed the last drop onto each page. So I've moved (not deleted cause I'm just not that strong) these and about 80 more to a new playlist called "Not for writing". LOL

Sorry Elvis. Like so many of my characters, you just had to die. But fear not, because my world includes reincarnation.