Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Miracle Train

3 things I've learned from watching the Miracle Train...

1. This cool idea drew me in. Loved the idea of a group of hot guys who are solely dedicated to helping damsels in distress one girl at a time. The premise of the Miracle Train is a magical train that will pick up a passenger in need so that the guys can help fix whatever is wrong in her life. Nice idea, huh? Wonder if the Miracle Train ever visits Pittsburgh?

2. The blunt intro of the characters was a bit jarring but it's fine to get to know them fast. Kind of like - "Hi there! These are our heroes!"

3. Ten minutes into the first episode I hit my first serious annoyance. Thereis this cute little girl who is chasing her lost dog when she winds up on the Miracle Train. But when it comes to intro the heroes, the dog doesn't matter. In fact they don't bring it up again until the pooch is needed for the plot.

So far I'm not terribly impressed with the Miracle Train. It's got nice art and an interesting premise but the story line will have to buck up a bit to keep my attention. I'll probably give it another episode just to be sure.


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Legend of Legenday Heroes

3 things I've learned from watching.... The Legend of Legendary Heroes

1. Sleeping can be heroic.

2. Sometimes its okay to give up. Or is it? Perhaps human nature demands that even the most laid back among us will seek out the hard path at least sometimes. Or if that inner drive is sleeping, then the push may just come from a best friend who wants to be king.

3. Those with power don't always use it. When its great enough they may fear to unleash that power no matter the risk. At times like that... consider a nap.

In case you were wondering, I do really like this animated show. It's one of those shows that focuses on the characters and stories and is suitable for both kids and adults. (Though it can at times be bloody and jokes some about sexuality) Overall, I'd give it a thumbs up. 4.5 stars. I've already watched the season with subtitles and the first four episodes that have been dubbed. I'll be watching for the rest when they are released dubbed.


Sunday, August 05, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Blood Justice

Sadaen watched the angel and would have been content to die with her as his last sight. Her grace and skill had always been honed to a deadly point, but there was something very different about now.

Her powers, white light straight from the Creator, were shadowed, their flawless brilliance streaked with his darker magic... The twisting of their shared magic entranced him.

She twirled before him, leaving feather-shaped trails of power in her wake. The motion brought her close enough to strike at him with the ceremonial blade.

This Sunday my six are from Blood Royals 3: Blood Justice. Available June 4, 2012 with Liquid Silver Books.

After Sadaen tires of vengeance, he longs only for justice and redemption. He finds both in the arms of an angel determined to execute him. Lyna is convinced he deserves to die and she’ll do anything to bring him to justice, even if it means betraying everything she holds dear. 

Despite their long history of combat he’s sure that only Lyna can offer him a future worthy of his past. He’ll either burn as the rogue demon he’s become or redeem himself through the flames of her passion. His only hope is to bind them together with a deal that could destroy them both.

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Friday, August 03, 2012

First Kiss Friday: The Jade Prince

Then Jin wasn't Jin any more. Maybe if Cal hadn't been so desperate, so close, and holding his friend's gaze in the only means of help he could offer, maybe if he had even blinked at the wrong time he wouldn't have seen. But he'd seen the moment in crystal clear detail, the exact second when his best friend's clear brown eyes had changed. The round human look disappeared, shifting to the green slitted eyes of an animal, a reptile. The look in those eyes was not even one bit Jin. The being looking back at him was wild and in pain. Haunted and well past deranged.

The question "Who are you?" hovered on Cal's lips, but before he could ask it out loud, the green-eyed demon spoke in a cracked whisper.

"Jade is free? Finally... free?" Despite the hesitations, the voice was smooth like Jin, but deeper.

It said Jade like a name. "Jade?"

The thing's gaze focused on Cal's face. It drew its breath in through Jin's nose as if scenting the air. Then its lips spread into a grin that promised no good will at all. "You smell tasty. Even the other thinks so."

"Who are you? What happened to Jin?"

"Jin? Oh, the other." His grin turned sneaky. "I ate him and I'll eat you, too." Jin's body jerked fiercely, rolling them from the sofa and onto the floor with a bone rattling crash. The thing controlling Jin's body pinned Cal to the floor. Its face, Jin's face, leered close. It licked along Cal's jaw, sending ripples of confused reactions skittering across Cal's skin.

He twisted and bucked but couldn't dislodge Jin's smaller body. Damn it, his job was to protect Jin, but how the hell could he protect him from whatever this thing was or intended to do?

Those green snake eyes sparkled with some devious plot. With a sudden motion, it slammed their lips together. The pressure bloomed into an explosion of heat.

Cal twisted his mouth free. "Don't." He gasped through a surprising swell of excitement. "Get a hold of yourself, Jin!"

It laughed, and the rasping sound sawed through Cal's soul. This thing wasn't Jin. That single truth ripped him apart inside. Jin, his best friend... More than that. He had always wanted to kiss Jin, to show him far more than friendship. But that had never been. Jin was straight and he wasn't. Things like that didn't change. He'd accepted it would be a one-sided love story pretty much from the beginning.

But this thing, it somehow knew his weakness, knew his secret and offered him the one temptation he had accepted would never be realized.

This First Kiss Friday is from The Jade Prince. Now available with Amber Allure/Amber Quill Press

Cal has loved his best friend forever but since Jin is straight, the relationship has no hope of ever being fulfilled. Or at least that was what he thought until the day he accidentally binds Jin to the spirit of an insane dragon. Now Cal will do anything, even offer his flesh and grab hold of a twisted form of his most desperate desire in order to keep the jade dragon from using Jin's body to rampage through the city.


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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Tosh.O

3 things I've learned from watching.... Tosh.O

1. People are stupid.

2. Stupid people are funny as hell.

3. Sometimes the commercials are funnier than the stupid people.

Tosh is a fun show that throws itself wholeheartedly into the bowels of humanity. The worst of the worst is thrown out there and we all get to laugh at it.  Good job, Tosh. Keep it up.