Six Sentence Sunday

Hello Readers,

Thanks to some good friends of mine, I came across the catch all collection of short excerpts known as Six Sentence Sunday. The premise of this fun is for writers at all stages share 6 (or very close to 6) sentences from their work. This can be a work in progress, a current release, or even something from the back list. 6SS is just plain fun in a small enticing package.

My posted 6SS...

A Snowball's Chance
A Second Chance
Another Chance

Dead Men's Nails

Father of the Wolf
The Longest Journey

Walking with Synn
Walking in Memories
Walking at Sundown
Walking Death's Edge

If you enjoy Six Sentence Sunday posts here's some more options. To taste 6 wonderful bites of story you can return here to check out my (probably out of date) list of 6SS excerpts here or search my blog by label to find all the Sunday six posts click here.  Still not enough? Jump over to the Six Sentence Sunday site and find some other dedicated writers to try out.