Wednesday, September 27, 2006

one day at a time...

I have a ton to do today but also wanted to stop in and post since I haven't in a while.

Today I have the wicked wild wednesday promo over at cobblestone inn. come by and join me at eastern. I'm thinking of having a game this week and next so come by and check it out...

Friday, September 15, 2006


Hi everyone! I won't be officially on until later tonight, but seeing how yahoo is being, I wanted to post my contest so everyone will have a chance to enter. :D

I am busily updating my website ~ ~ so my contest is geared to black mail people into checking it out. It's about half done now. :D I'd love to hear what you think of the changes so far and if you have suggestions for anything else.

So the contest...
Winner will get a copy of Lynx Clan: Forgiven, a Valafrn bumpersticker and signed coverflat and maybe a surprise, LOL.
I have a handful of smaller mailable prizes that I will give out also in a significantly random fashion to as many as I can who go to the trouble of trying this contest, LOL.

So how do you win? The following are a list of 5 questions. Go to the site and search for the answers. I don't think I've made it too hard but it shouldn't be easy. When you've found all the answers, send me an e-mail at . Include all the answers and where you found each. :D Put "LYNX CONTEST" in the subject.

1. Name the five levels of Tascryn Demons and choose which you think best describes you or your dream mate.

2. Name five Valafrn Clans that I have mentioned and make up one that I don't already have.

3. What book was my first release and what is the one that came out today 9/15/06?

4. Name three of my hobbies and tell me what you like to do for fun.

5. What does Saxxon (from FORGIVEN ) plan to do after he gets things worked out with his mate?

I'll announce the grand prize winner in the chat room tonight!
Join the Publishers and Authors in Chat tonight from 7pm to 9pm

don't forget that is central time. :) If you miss this dead line, don't worry. I will select the other winners next Wednesday 9/20/06 during the WWWednesday. (If I have enough prizes and stamps, everyone will get one.) All other winners will be notified by e-mail and on my monthly newsletter. :)

Shannon~ ~ ~ LYNX CLAN: FORGIVEN ~ AVAILABLE 9/15/06!!!!
Watch for it with Cobblestone Press!Her own temperature flew higher as she thought about following the tawny hair lower to what lay under those soaked, almost see through boxers. His thighs were long and gorgeous and below them... Darn it, he even has sexy toes.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I knew I wanted to blog today but wasn't sure about what specific topic. I think my fogginess might have something to do with the regular dosages of NyQuil/DayQuil that I have been taking for the past two days. On the mend now, I thought I'd try to blog...


My ability to concentrate is almost nonexistent on good and healthy days. I freely admit that I have the attention span of a dead gnat. ADHD? Maybe. Either way I manage to do most of what needs done and have adapted. I use lists and priorities to get the things done that need done.

For instance ... Today I plan to blog, take mom to doctor, trim and bath Zaboomafoo, write on Blood Reign, plot on Blood Justice, work on website, convert my free stories into proper e-books with covers, make up some promotional CDs, and brainstorm (Journey) with CPs.

This is all on my list for the day. I think I might have forgotten to put eat or sleep anywhere, but I should manage to fit them in anyhow.

But first... Some GREAT NEWS!!

LYNX CLAN: FORGIVEN will be released on Sept 15th!!!

Lynx Clan: Forgiven
by L. Shannon
Paranormal Romance Novel
September 15th, 2006
Cobblestone Press

Kelly dedicates her life to saving people and sheÂ’s darn good at it, but is she good enough to save the werewolf assassin she finds bleeding on the backseat of her Jeep? Saxxon has been under someoneÂ’s control for so long that heÂ’s forgotten how to fight back, but it wonÂ’t take him long to learn once he gets a taste of freedom. And with KellyÂ’s love to offer him strength and the powerful Low Key group to back them up, he may finally defeat his betraying brother and the evil group that wants him back.

Forgiven was my NANO project for 2005. You can find an interview with Saxxon in my September newsletter. Hope you enjoy reading Forgiven as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

Now where was I...? Oh, right. The list. Well. mom's appointment isn't for a while. I have about an hour before I need to get ready for that. I can't get Zabbie done in an hour so... How about I work on Blood Reign? The story is currently at 21000 words and working on an ending. Then it will probably gain a few thousand more words while I do a solid edit. Then it will be off to a publisher. But first I guess I should write the ending.

about to write to Nickelback

Saturday, September 02, 2006

news for sept..

just shotting off a quick note here to let everyone know that my monthly newsletter will be a day or so late. thanks for your patience. :)