Friday, May 23, 2014

First Kiss Friday: Acacia I: Abducting Aeron

His cool strength enveloped her while one hand slowly stroked up and down her back, soothing her like a child.

But she wasn’t a child. The casual touch sent waves of pleasure vibrating through her body, tightening her desire, making it obvious that her body wanted more than just to be held. She’d wanted more right from the first moment she’d met him. More… of everything he had to offer and yet, for a week they had only danced around the attraction.

She was done dancing.

Helia turned just enough to bring her face up before his. His hooded grey eyes burned with something fierce, something she should have been afraid of, but it wasn’t fear that welled up in a tight knot, sizzling awareness over her skin. She brought her lips to his, while his descended to claim hers.

They came together with a crash of passion. Nothing light or gentle would be found between them, at least not this time.

His fingers burrowed into her bound hair, freeing it, flinging the small band and netting aside. His mouth continued to ravage hers. His grip on her hair tightened, turning her into the kiss.

She wasn’t one to be led, but he was racing toward exactly where she wanted to go. With her body held so tightly, she was crushed against him. Still she tore at the front of his clothing, opening it enough to slide her palms over his chest.

His skin was cooler than hers but the flesh was too tempting to turn away from. His chest was broad and his body corded with lean muscle. She let her hands explore lower.

Aeron gasped against her mouth, tearing free to trail fiery kisses down her neck. “I want you, Helia. I need you.” Fang tips scraped deliciously over her skin.

This First Kiss Friday is from the Acacia series. Available in ebook at Changeling Press and now also in a print collection at Amazon!!
A thousand years in the future, man in all his forms has spread out across the universe. Some races have chosen to live apart and others have attempted to live together, building diversity colonies. One of those is the Planet Rahla and its moon Acacia.

But not long after the colony began, it erupted with violence and fell into a civil (or not so civil) war between humans, vampires and werewolves. The massive bloodshed was ended with the Acacia Treaty which divided the two surviving races. Humans held Rahla and vampires were exiled to the domed moon colony of Acacia.

The treaty is resented by both sides and war may return at any moment.
Acacia I: Abducting Aeron
 Aeron is a vampire spy who spends more time on Rahla than on his new home on the Acacia moon colony. When his  cover is blown, he finds himself suddenly at the mercy of his human, planet side contacts and desperate to get back to the safety of Acacia.

Helia is drawn to Aeron despite her sister’s dire warnings. When he’s captured by the human catcher guards she goes in to rescue him, offering her protection, her blood and her body.
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