Friday, April 06, 2012

First Kiss Friday: Of Blood and Blessings

Amelia looked up at him, her heart-shaped face framed by her glowing curls, and smiled. Her contentment washed over him. He dipped forward, his lips meeting hers in a sweet union. Arousal fanned through him in welcome warmth. While controlling his lengthening fangs, he stroked her soft lips with his tongue, teasing them open. Even here in the dream realm, he needed her desperately.

She accepted the invasion, pressing against him, her free hand slipping to his neck, feathering through the long hair at his nape.

The gentle tugs sent tingles dancing across his scalp and through his body. “Amelia,” he sighed. “What are you doing to me?”

What is it about Amelia that drives Grant wild? As a Synn demon from royal blood, he should be able to control his desires. Yet, resisting her isn’t an option. He craves her blood, her body, and something more. As Grant deals with former friends turned assassins and the sudden disappearance of his demonic mother, he tries to protect Amelia from the harsh realities of her life as well as his own dangerous desires.

Will his power and wealth be enough to keep her safe? Can Amelia accept him for the demon he truly is?

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