Thursday, March 30, 2017

I may be a goal addict...

I've always done best when setting goals for myself. I find it's a way to overcome my attention issues at least to a certain degree. It's not just about setting some big seemingly unreachable goal. Nope, its about breaking that down into manageable steps, that will steadily progress toward that goal. It's a process that I honestly love.

Every year I buy a daily planner, one that has both days and month sections. I write my big goals in the note section so that I can check them often and stay focused. Then I break those down to monthly chunks, and yes write those in too. After than then divide it out by day. Not counting chores I can't get out of, I make five or more goals for every day. They aren't big things at all. But in no time at all they add up and change my world.

One of my bigger goals is to finish the championship on two of my Cocker girls this year. The small steps for that is something like...

weekly: brush Ari, bathe Ari, trim Ari.

That is three small goals that I can check off in less than an hour, usually. 35 of these goals a week really add up. And yes, I do offer myself rewards for a job well done. If I get more than 35 goals complete in  a week, then I buy myself an iTunes song. I'm pretty cheap so I'm not willing to make my reward very expensive, but even I can spend a buck here or there. As a bonus, I often play my hard won songs while working on the next goals. :)

This week's goals are mostly focused on the house. I must be working up to spring cleaning. Oh! And I've been working on a cafepress site with a bunch of possible designs.

And I'm working on writing too, Amethyst  is my focus. I'm not going to let my writer attention wander until I can finish up the Amethyst trilogy. For those who didn't know, Amethyst 2  has been finished for a loooonnnng time. When submitted to Carina, it was turned down, massively revised and still turned down.  So it has been sitting on the sidelines (holding my broken heart) until now. I'm slowly working up to a whole new version for book two, even a new name. So if there is anyone still thinking about Toni, Ben and Amethyst, hang in there. This time if it won't work at Carina, I'll find some other way to get it out there to the readers.

Until next time,

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