Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beyond the Bio

I promised to talk more about the real me, so now, where to start?

Well my bio talks about my dogs and dog showing. I've been breeding and showing AKC Cocker Spaniels for nearly 35 years. I started showing with my parents when I was around eight. (Don't do the math!) I love my dogs. Each and every one that I've had has been special in their own way regardless if they were a winner or a rescue. You can learn about me and my life with dogs on our website

I probably should have started with my name. *grin* Goes to show how important my dogs are to me.  The name L. Shannon is not exactly my real name. As is common for writers I decided from the beginning to use a pen name. I have a degree in teaching special education and just in case I ever decided to use it again I wanted  to keep the two worlds separate. My real name is Shannon. Married name McCracken. So there you have it, its fine to just keep calling me Shannon. :)

Another amusing tidbit, I have a day job as a sales associate at Tractor Supply. *laugh* They have taken plenty of my money over the years so 5 years back I decided to take some of theirs too. It was my first job in retail and in the beginning I found it a bit difficult. But now I usually enjoy it more than is fair for a "job".

Until next time,

I may be a goal addict.

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