Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Wow! It's been over a year since I last posted... Bad me. (SLAP to wrist.)

Take two - the computer locked up and I lost a couple paragraphs. Thank you windows 8, you piece of crap.

So as I was saying... I've been wanting to post often and stay connected but every time I start something interrupts or distracts me. Any suggestions for overcoming my posting ADD? Maybe I can set a reminder on my phone. It has more neat gadgets on it then my car. (sad note to self: buy new car).

Actually I'm in the process of buying a new (used) car this week. So excited. I've felt homeless ever since my Windstar died years ago. I just don't feel right in a sedan. Nope, it has to be a minivan for me. Looks like this time it might be a Town and Country. I've driven my parent's T&C many a time and like plenty so it should be a good fit.

Now you may be wondering about my writing... Well I wish I could say no news is good news but that probably isn't the case here. I am still working but it's a fact that life does interfere with art. I have several projects that are close to completion so the focus will continue to be me fighting with distractions and trying to finish those wayward puppies up to get them out to my readers.

In the meantime I do have several of my books and collections that are now available in print. I'll post more about those soon. (see? gave myself something to say in the next post. :) Oh! and I also goofed off and wrote some fan fiction so watch for that as well.

Well, off I go. I'm out grooming dogs for pay today. Truthfully today will be more about me hanging out with friends while I groom their dogs up for them. Always makes a nice time, and I usually get spoiled with cake too.


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