Friday, May 30, 2014

First Kiss Friday: Acacia II: Blindsided

Shame flooded through him. “I don’t expect you to feel the same. I just… I had to show you at least this once. I won’t make any demands. We can go back to how it was.” Even if it killed him.

“Dash, stop.”

He met those silver-gray depths again fearing the coming rejection. Would he send him away? Trade him to another vampire?

“I wanted it too. Dash, I wanted you.”

Holy hell. “Really?”

“Yeah. Now get up here so I can kiss you.”

Dash crawled up Blake’s body so fast he felt awkward, but the moment called for immediacy. His master might come to his senses any second. Once they were face to face, he hesitated. Now that was awkward. He’d never initiated a kiss. Thirty freaking years of living and he was a babe in the woods when it came to this kind of affection.

His master must have understood. Of course he did. He would have surely noticed that Dash had never dated or even gotten close to any other. Tilting his head just slightly, his master leaned up into the kiss, bringing their lips together. Their mouths became one, parted only by the master’s partially retracted fangs.

Lips and breath played over each other, until the master’s tongue teased along his lips, parting him and plunging inward. Dash gasped at the sweet invasion. Sensation shot through his body. His cock hardened again, brought back to life with a kiss. A kiss which deepened, hardened until the master’s tongue plunged deep in an imitation of fucking.

This First Kiss Friday is from Acacia series. Available in individual ebook format at Changeling Press and now also in a print collection at Amazon!!
A thousand years in the future, man in all his forms has spread out across the universe. Some races have chosen to live apart and others have attempted to live together, building diversity colonies. One of those is the Planet Rahla and its moon Acacia.

But not long after the colony began, it erupted with violence and fell into a civil (or not so civil) war between humans, vampires and werewolves. The massive bloodshed was ended with the Acacia Treaty which divided the two surviving races. Humans held Rahla and vampires were exiled to the domed moon colony of Acacia.
The treaty is resented by both sides and war may return at any moment.

Acacia II: Blindsided
Blake, A high ranking vampire doctor in the medical division of Acacia is shocked to find his personal blood supply contaminated. He nearly dies before his devoted slave, Dash, finds him, feeds him, and he realizes just how much Dash means to him. Dash has been at his side helping him for years, but never had he turned to him for sex or for love. But when the slave sees Blake almost die, he risks everything to save his master. Now the only question is who contaminated the blood and why?
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