Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Review for Forever Eden!

Title: Forever Eden
Author: L. Shannon
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Genre: Sci-Fi Futuristic
Publication date: August 2007
ISBN: 978-1-60088-161-9
Pages: 43Series: Shifters

Reviewer: Misa
Rating: 4 kisses

Adam Spotted-Paw has always had the gift of matchmaking. For over 700 years, he has been the one to bring together generations of his people on the peaceful planet of Raxis. In all that time, however, he has not been able to find his own mate – until she crash lands into his Temple and captures his heart.

Independent Rogue Commander, Evelyn Moonchaser has been doing her part to fight in the Galactic Wars which has lasted over 1500 years. She is shot down after recovering something from the enemy that could end the war permanently. Of course, she wasn’t expecting to have such strong feelings towards her rescuer. She thinks he is crazy when he speaks of her being his mate, but Adam would stop at nothing to prove to her that she is indeed the other half of his soul.

Forever Eden is a thrilling, fast-paced sci-fi adventure by an author that I hope to be reading a lot more of in the future. Immediately, I was pulled into this roller coaster ride of a story which has a frenetic pace that never lets up.

The chemistry between Adam and Evelyn is nearly palpable as they get to know each other in a tense situation. There is never any doubt that the hero and heroine will end up together but the author has written the story in such a way that their journey to love and bliss is enjoyable to read without seeming too predictable.

It’s very obvious that Forever Eden takes place in an already established universe of L. Shannon’s creation and for that I felt that some of the plot’s nuances may have been lost on me. Nevertheless, I was extremely impressed by Ms. Shannon’s ability to craft a fully realized novella that feels like a much longer novel for all the action contained within. This is my first time reading a story by this author but rest assured that will be rectified in the very near future.
WOO HOO! Thank you Misa!
http://www.lshannon.net/ ~ dark paranormal romance
Walk on the dark side of sexy with Tascryn demons at their naughtiest.
Anom'tan 1: Walking with Synn ~ "simply amazing" Coffee Time Romance
Anom'tan 2: Walking in Memories ~ FIVE HEARTS! Love Romances & More
Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown ~ coming soon!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cobblestone Rocks!

Way back in April of 2006 I signed my first contract with Cobblestone Press. You can read about my excitement here. It was a huge leap of faith. I saw this new company that on review looked very promising. After sending of my submission and receiving a fast response, I had a panic attack. That's right, this was my pride and joy...my baby, my first novel.

What if I signed and then everything went wrong?

Luck was with me. Cobblestone Press was every bit was quality as they looked. Although still new to the game and doing things a little different from others I'd worked with, the experience was wonderful. I haven't once regretted signing the contract. Father of the Wolf went on to be an in house best seller and then hit Fictionwise, taking it by storm. Even now almost 6 months after release on Fictionwise, Father continues to be a best seller, currently at number 9 all genre.

Thank you Cobblestone. Thank you Deanna and Sable for making this possible.

Not only have you done right by my first novel but you been just as supportive of my other two novels and 9 (NINE!!) novellas. Without you some of those might never have even been written. :) Thanks to you and Cobblestone I can proudly show off my covers and promote my books everywhere.

Since today is a special day for Deanna I dub it DEANNA DAY! Happy Birthday! May it be wonderful in all ways. * tosses confetti* Yay!! *dances around my computer chair*

Woo hoo! It's Deanna Day! And here's another blog for you to check out... Shelli's Place

Proud Cobblestone Press Author

A Rough and Rocky Road

Just as I 'd feared, the new job is kicking my ass. I hit the road with my friend last Thursday, showed Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then we came back late Sunday night. Okay it wasn't really all that late, but I was exhausted. I even fell asleep during the Steelers game which you know means I was whipped.

You might wonder what about showing dogs can be so tiring? Well our days started between 4 and 5 oclook when we'd potty dogs and drive to the show site. Then we would exercise the dogs again and start grooming them. This would continue until ring time which can be anytime from 9 am to 3pm. Once the regular classes for our breed are done, then we regroom out the specials (champions) assuming they won Best of Breed so that they can compete in the group ring usually between 3 and 5pm. After all the showing is done we relax for a few minutes then potty the dogs again and work on anything that needs improved for the next day. I my case it was trying to teach my puppy to not bounce even if he does love being shown. Poor Teddy just can't help himself. :)

Well, my friend must know what she's doing becuase our first weekend out seemed to be a success. I won the points one day and she won several sets of points and three group placements!

Anyhow... I'm off to do it again this weekend.

As for the effect on my writing scedule, it has been pretty negative. Instead of my usual 2000+ words a day, my numbers for an entired week were about 2500. I had planned to finish both Walking Death's Edge and my Vampire Oracle story this month before starting NANO in November, but now, I feel I will be lucky to finish "Edge". Speaking of which, I need to get in a few words before I start packing...


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An interesting new path...

As most writers know, making a living as a novelist isn't easy. I have been doing it since March of 2006. So for a year and a half those of you buying my books have been paying my bills. THANK YOU!

I love the life of a writer and feel privileged to have the chance to step out of the rat race. That's not to say it isn't hard work. It is. It's not uncommon for me to put in 16 hours at the computer. But doing something that I love makes it all worth while.

Unfortunately, my poor van had a very rough couple months and the cost of keeping it healthy has eaten up my funds. Which means that at least for a short time I will have to supplement my writing income by other means. In this case the opportunity that arose was helping out a friend who shows dogs professionally. That's right, her entire living is made doing what she loves. Something I understand. I've been showing dogs (as a hobby) for about 25 years now so I'm hoping this more professional role will not bring too many surprises. In fact I'm looking forward to the travel and busy routine as a wonderful change of pace.

The down side is that I will be traveling and uber busy for 3 to 6 days out of most every week. I don't yet know what this will mean for the writing. I will certainly still be writing but I may be doing a lot less of it as well as be offline for most of my time.

Sigh. With some serious luck, I will be back to my homebody life soon. I certainly hope so anyhow.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

RRTE gives Walking with Synn multiple O's!!

Woo Hoo! RRTE reviewed Walking with Synn...

Anom’tan, Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-60088-154-1
July 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance - ménage including F/F interaction
RRTE Rating: Multiple O’s

Brooklyn, New York - Present day

Sayvor and his twin brother Flayvor, are Synn demons. They work in the daylight helping the souls of mortals to traverse the path home to the Creator. But walking in daylight is only possible with a partner, a twin or a mate, and someone has just brutally separated Sayvor from his twin. Sayvor’s memory of the attack is blurred and he’s becoming weaker the longer he’s away from Flayvor. Dr. Sasha Washington has been hired to help Sayvor regain his memories and strength. Sasha always knew that choosing to be a Paranormal Psychologist would put her in some very unusual situations, but she never expected that she’d need to have sex with one of her patients to save his life. However there’s just something about Sayvor that makes everything feel right, so much so that Sasha is beginning to wonder how she could ever bear to leave him. Hot and steamy don’t even begin to describe this book, adding to the incredible sex scenes is the mystery of Flayvor’s kidnapping and characters who are highly unusual making this an unbeatable read. Don’t miss WALKING WITH SYNN. The next story in the series, WALKING IN MEMORIES, looks to be just as intriguing.

Lori Ann - 10/8/07

Thank you Lori Ann! What a wonderful review! I'm all smiles :D

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tuesday Testing and Journeyman...

You Are 60% Boyish and 40% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.
Okay then... I actually thought this quiz was pretty accurate. No I'm not hung. I am a gal, but when it comes to girl things and boy things, to be honest boys have more fun and are usually a lot easier to just hang out with. Had to laugh at one of the questions... it asked if my next car would be picked for power or being cute. I drive a minivan now and love it because I can haul shit and it goes like crazy. Nice big motor and good traction in winter.
Hubby drives a little station wagon, lol.
A short update: I'm over 10,000 words into Walking Death's Edge and it is going great. One hint, they are not what I expected. The whole series is surprising me...in a good way.
Tonight I watched Heroes and Journeyman. I've always been a fan of Heroes. I just can't help myself. I watched the first Journeyman just because it came on after Heroes and I used to be a big fan of Quantum Leap. (YAY SCOTT B!) Now, I have to say, I am loving this new series. So much so that I yell at the characters and Dan the hero is starting to actually look cute to me. He didn't have much appeal (to me) at first but now, his personality is hooking me. Yep, I'm loving it. One question though, maybe no one else caught it, but whats up with the missing baby? a couple episodes back, Dan overheard what sounded like his fiance saying she was pregers, but it hasn't been mentioned since. I can't wait to find out more. :)

Manhunt Monday

Cuff ME!!! And wow, that hat almost isn't big enough.... wonder if he has ever considered a baseball cap?


As brief update... Looks like Changeling Press will be contracting A Snowball's Chance for an upcoming Hot Flash within the Snowbound theme. Here is a little taste of it (unedited)

A Snowball's Chance
erotic m/m paranormal

He was going to die, freeze to death on this bloody mountain. Josh’s teeth chattered. He rubbed his gloved hands together to restore feeling.

The small hole he'd managed to dig through the snow, up to the surface was almost covered over again. A half dozen pokes with his ski pole and the snow gave way, opening up the thin air hole once more. The problem was all he had was one tiny hole and not a prayer of being found.

“Shit, shit, shit.” He was going to die. Josh sank back onto his frozen ass, folding his body to hold the heat as long as he could. He had so many things to regret but his biggest was never settling down. Maybe if I live, I’ll give it a try….

He stood up again, stomping his feet across the small snow cave. It wasn’t going to matter since he wasn’t going to live. “I don’t want to die!” His angry voice cracked as it bounced back and forth in the small space. Some snow broke off one wall reminding him how precarious his shelter was.

“Josh Franklin?” A voice echoed down from above the snow.

Saved? He was saved! “I’m here! I’m Josh Franklin!”

“Back up as far as you can.” The words were quiet, almost as if the guy was whispering.

Josh backed up away from the small air hole, which had begun to shed dustings and small chunks of snow. Then what was falling wasn’t snow at all, but water dripping to the cave floor.

What the hell was the guy thinking? The snow couldn’t be melted. Any second the five plus feet of snow would collapse and crush him and possibly his rescuer too. But it wasn’t snow that came down. It was red and gold light.

Josh used one hand to block the glare even while he squinted to see the man standing at the center of the glow. “I’m being saved by an angel-”

The gorgeous guy snorted. “Fuck that, I’m no angel and you haven’t been good enough to rate an angel anyhow. Only thing you got right is I am here for you.”


Watch for A Snowball's Chance coming soon with Changeling Press.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Love Romances & More gives Walking in Memories FIVE HEARTS!

WOO HOO! ANOTHER REVIEW!! This one is from Love Romance and More!

Anom'tan, Book 2
L. Shannon
Cobblestone Press
September 2007
Paranormal Erotic Romance/Shifter

Rayce and Chayse are twin Anom’tan demons. They are still looking for their missing brother. Their search leads them to Clarice, a witness. When they find her though, they find a woman whose very essence has been robbed, locked away in her mind. She cannot remember anything and she cannot say no. Chayse is captivated by the beautiful woman and in his lust, he almost forgets his mission. His whole priority changes and he is even willing to take the lead, whereas Rayce is usually the leader. Rayce still has to keep him on track. Clarice becomes their sex toy with the ability to heal them both. Chayse needs to overcome his past fears to unlock her mind and they both need to trust Rayce to protect them all. But the biggest challenge is finding love.

This is the second in the Anom’tan series; the first is called Walking With Synn. The story continues with the search for the missing brother and although this is a short story, it’s emotionally intense and will have the reader hoping that the next book in this fabulous series will be out soon! This reviewer enjoyed this story very much. The characters are really well written, and a word of caution. There is a very hot, shower scene so before reading, be prepared. Ms. Shannon has built a very unique world with some very interesting, deep characters. Readers and lovers of the paranormal will certainly enjoy this series so far. Ms. Shannon is a writer to watch. Her stories at Cobblestone Press are a ‘must read’ and are on this reviewer’s auto-watch for list

Thank you, Valerie!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

TRS Review for Walking in Memories

I just found this new review from The Romance Studio for Anom'tan 2: Walking in Memories. Read the whole review at the romance studio

Walking In Memories
L. Shannon
Paranormal erotic romance
Available from Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-170-1
September 2007

Chayse and Rayce go to Clarice because she witnessed the kidnapping of their brother, Flayvor. When they find her, they realize she is just as much a victim since somebody has psychically raped her - drained her memories and altered her personality. They know they have to get into her mind to restore her memories and to do that they must take her blood. They didn’t count on how precious she would become to them and their future.

This is the second installment of the Anom’Tan series and it moves very quickly as Chayse and Rayce are desperately trying to find their brother. Their attraction to Clarice is immediate and endearing as they contemplate a future with her. I was hoping this book would give us some closure on the subject of Flayvor and Sayvor (from Walking with Synn), however, Walking in Memories tells us who kidnapped him but not where he is or how to get him back. Hopefully the next installment will be released soon. This book was dedicated to the romance between Clarice, Chayse and Rayce but Sayvor and Sasha appear briefly as well as Wyk.

Overall rating: 4 hearts!
Sensuality rating: Very sensual
Reviewer: Lisa Freeman
October 9, 2007

I'm smiling over the good review. Every review is a special present. Sometimes like Christmas where I have a bunch sent to me with pretty paper and all and others like this one were like an Easter egg hunt where I found this one through google. :)

Although TRS lists this book as ver sensual, be warned it does contain m/f/m menage.

As a bit of an aside for those following this series, Flayvor will be found. Please don't be disappointed but he won't be found until book 4: Walking Death's Edge. As Dàn from the Eagle Clan would say, "have patience, there is a reason for everything". Until then, know that book three is complete and I am busily writing 4 now.

Happy reading!


Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park

Sometimes a song will just grab me and touch something deep inside. Whatever the specific reaction it brings out, usually it is from the depth of emotion which it inspires. Sometimes that is joy or happiness but more often it is sorrow or desperation. Don't get me wrong, I am not filled with angst over any particularly horrible events in my life. All in all I have a good life and have very few major complaints. But something inside me understands suffering and pain. But I digress.

Today I wanted to share a song by Linkin Park titled The Shadow of the Day. I can't tell you how often I've heard this one on the radio but I will say that everytime I do, I am struck by the beauty and saddness of it. More often than not I find myself wiping tears away. Maybe I'm just a sap, or maybe this is a fantastic song. :) You be the judge.

The Shadow of the Day
by Linkin Park
I close both locks below the window
I close both blinds and turn away
Sometimes solutions aren't so simple
Sometimes good bye's the only away
And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you
[End Chorus]
And cards and flowers on your window
Your friends all plead for you to stay
Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple
Sometimes good bye's the only way
And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you
[End Chorus]

Monday, October 08, 2007

Manhunt Monday...and what I'm working on

Don't run! I won't hurt you...much.

Thought this fellow was just perfect for this particular update. :) As it turns out, I completed and submitted Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown to Cobblestone Press yesterday. YAY! *happy dancing* And now I'm on to the next one, working on the final book of the series, Anom'tan 4: Walking Death's Edge. My goal is to complete and submit Edge by the end of the month.

And don't forget, November is NANO month! This year I will be using NANO to complete the next Eagle Clan book. So those of you waiting so patiently for the next in that epic will soon be briefly satisfied. :) Also planned for right around the corner is completion of the next Lynx Clan book, Forgotten. Yet another eagerly awaited sequel.
Now you may return to your regularly scheduled drooling... MMMM.... A solid 3 Yumms for this one!
L.Shannon ~ www.lshannon.net ~ dark paranormal romance
Walk on the dark side of sexy with Tascryn demons at their naughtiest.
Anom'tan 1: Walking with Synn ~ "simply amazing" Coffee Time Romance
Anom'tan 2: Walking in Memories ~ 9/21/2007 with Cobblestone Press
Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown ~ coming soon!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Websurfing Wednesday...a new addiction

As if Dew and chocolate were not enough, now I have www.pogo.com I didn't plan on going there... it's been years since I played any online games and yet here I am sharing the addiction with others in the hope it will diminish my own suffering...lol

Monday, October 01, 2007

Testing Tuesdays and a CONTEST!

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

A Sexy Bunny

LOL!! I actually have picked out a sexy kitty costume for this year, but dang close! For the record though, I just don't wear a cotton tail well at all. Sigh...

On another note, I've been working on Anom'tan book 3: Walking at Sundown. To celebrate the release of book 2 and my fast approaching completion of book three, I'm holding a contest. :) But don't break out in sweat just yet. This one is easy. To enter all you have to do is reply to this post and share a costum idea from you past or future. Winner will win all four books in this series as well as have their name featured in book 4! Contest will close when book three is released, expected early in 2008. No rush, but don't miss your chance.


Manhunt Monday... a soak in the tub, oh yeah!

Such a lovely man to hunt down and look! He isn't even fleeing...yet. (weg) I do love the idea of a hunky man all naked and helpless, relaxing back for a soak... I think I will give Marcus here 3.5 YUMMIES. But don't be too hard on him. I grade men on a vicious curve, LOL. Heck he lost a whole yum just because he has short hair. Sorry babe, I love 'em long.