Friday, February 18, 2022

Blood Royals 3: Blood Justice

2022 Release #7

Blood Royals 3: Blood Justice

After Sadaen tires of seeking vengeance, all that remains is his longing for justice and the slim possibility of redemption. He finds both in the arms of an angel determined to execute him. Lyna is convinced he deserves to die, and she’ll do anything to bring him to that final justice, even if it means betraying everything she holds dear.

Despite their long history of combat, he’s sure that only Lyna can offer him a future worthy of his past. He’ll either burn as the rogue demon he’s become or redeem himself through the flames of her passion. His only hope is to bind them together with a deal that could destroy them both.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

 2022 Release #6 Blood Royals 2: Blood Reign

 2022 Release # 5  Blood Royals 1: Blood and Blessings

What is it about Amelia that drives Grant wild? As a Synn demon from royal blood, he should be able to control his desires. Yet, resisting her isn’t an option. He craves her blood, her body and something more.

Grant deals with former friends turned assassins and the sudden disappearance of his demonic mother, while trying to protect Amelia from the harsh realities of her life as well as his own dangerous desires.

Will his power and wealth be enough to keep her safe? Can Amelia accept him for the demon he truly is?

Monday, January 24, 2022

 I just noticed that January is National Blood Donor Month. So it's almost like fate that I'm re-releasing the Acacia books this month. Yep, they're about vampires.  Technically vampires on in the future based on another world. Yep, still vampires.

 So save a life. Go donate blood. And... Check the books out on Amazon.

Release #3 for 2022!

Acacia 3: Cravings

 Hate crimes against vampires pose a rising threat to the moon colony of Acacia. Subversive attempts to destroy the colony are almost certainly being directed by the human purists on Rahla. Acacian agents have been murdered, their blood supply has been poisoned and now there are threats on the queen herself.

Counter intelligence operations have led to the capture of two werewolf warriors, more dangerous than anything either side has ever seen before. With their worlds on the brink of war, Queen Caitlin will do anything to protect her people, even if it means bartering her body to a pair of killers.

But will her submission buy their loyalty?


Buy it today on Amazon

Monday, January 17, 2022

 New Release #2 for 2022.

Acacia 2: Blindsided

As a high ranking doctor on the Acacia moon colony, Med Blake is responsible for the evaluation of immigrants and the blood they all need to survive. He takes it as a personal affront when the regular blood supply is threatened.

Dash has been at his master's side for years, but he's never had the courage to confess his feelings. But when the human slave sees Blake in the throes of the poison, can he risk
everything to save his master? Even his heart?

Now the only question is who poisoned the blood and why? 

Now available on Amazon

If you're looking for "Naughty Sci-fi Vampire Romance"... Grab your copy today for only $0.99!!

Monday, January 10, 2022

 Now Available!

The new and improved re-release for Acacia begins now.  It's been a long time coming but I'm very excited. After revisions and edits and a lot of kisses and hugs, I'm putting these babies back out there.

Released on January 7, 2022!

ACACIA I: Abducting Aeron

Our hero is a spy for the vampire moon colony named Acacia which is orbiting the planet Rahla. You might ask why the big bad vampires might need a spy to infiltrate the human world of Rahla... It's because since the civil war between the races, the two have been on uneasy terms and the humans out number the vampires more than a thousand to one. And among the humans are a group of purists who believe the vampires are a threat and need to be eliminated. 

Aeron's mission is to sneak among the humans, rescue the missing vamp and uncover the reason for the abducted vampires.

His planet-side contact is a medical specialist named Helia who is hoping they can work together to rescue her missing father.

And if they just happen to get all hot and bothered for each other... well it is romance. 

The rest of the series will be releasing this month. I hope you enjoy this fun little series as much as I have.

Check it out on Amazon!

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I may be a goal addict...

I've always done best when setting goals for myself. I find it's a way to overcome my attention issues at least to a certain degree. It's not just about setting some big seemingly unreachable goal. Nope, its about breaking that down into manageable steps, that will steadily progress toward that goal. It's a process that I honestly love.

Every year I buy a daily planner, one that has both days and month sections. I write my big goals in the note section so that I can check them often and stay focused. Then I break those down to monthly chunks, and yes write those in too. After than then divide it out by day. Not counting chores I can't get out of, I make five or more goals for every day. They aren't big things at all. But in no time at all they add up and change my world.

One of my bigger goals is to finish the championship on two of my Cocker girls this year. The small steps for that is something like...

weekly: brush Ari, bathe Ari, trim Ari.

That is three small goals that I can check off in less than an hour, usually. 35 of these goals a week really add up. And yes, I do offer myself rewards for a job well done. If I get more than 35 goals complete in  a week, then I buy myself an iTunes song. I'm pretty cheap so I'm not willing to make my reward very expensive, but even I can spend a buck here or there. As a bonus, I often play my hard won songs while working on the next goals. :)

This week's goals are mostly focused on the house. I must be working up to spring cleaning. Oh! And I've been working on a cafepress site with a bunch of possible designs.

And I'm working on writing too, Amethyst  is my focus. I'm not going to let my writer attention wander until I can finish up the Amethyst trilogy. For those who didn't know, Amethyst 2  has been finished for a loooonnnng time. When submitted to Carina, it was turned down, massively revised and still turned down.  So it has been sitting on the sidelines (holding my broken heart) until now. I'm slowly working up to a whole new version for book two, even a new name. So if there is anyone still thinking about Toni, Ben and Amethyst, hang in there. This time if it won't work at Carina, I'll find some other way to get it out there to the readers.

Until next time,

NEXT POST:  Is  anybody out there?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beyond the Bio

I promised to talk more about the real me, so now, where to start?

Well my bio talks about my dogs and dog showing. I've been breeding and showing AKC Cocker Spaniels for nearly 35 years. I started showing with my parents when I was around eight. (Don't do the math!) I love my dogs. Each and every one that I've had has been special in their own way regardless if they were a winner or a rescue. You can learn about me and my life with dogs on our website

I probably should have started with my name. *grin* Goes to show how important my dogs are to me.  The name L. Shannon is not exactly my real name. As is common for writers I decided from the beginning to use a pen name. I have a degree in teaching special education and just in case I ever decided to use it again I wanted  to keep the two worlds separate. My real name is Shannon. Married name McCracken. So there you have it, its fine to just keep calling me Shannon. :)

Another amusing tidbit, I have a day job as a sales associate at Tractor Supply. *laugh* They have taken plenty of my money over the years so 5 years back I decided to take some of theirs too. It was my first job in retail and in the beginning I found it a bit difficult. But now I usually enjoy it more than is fair for a "job".

Until next time,

I may be a goal addict.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I'm still alive.

In case anyone reads this.... I'm still alive.

It has been a long while since my last post and I'm sorry to have been missing so long. I feel bad for abandoning my readers and characters but I had my own story line that I had to follow through to the end.

I don't usually talk about my personal life very much but I'm  going to try to change that bad habit and learn to share a bit more about me and my life.

For the past two years, my husband and I were trying to expand our family. Unfortunately, even with specialist help, pregnancy isn't going to happen and once I faced that reality I found it to be a rather crushing blow. Getting past that is proving difficult even as we are considering our options, including adoption.

Now that children are looking to be less possible, my friends, family and even my characters are even more precious. With that in mind, I am planning to stay in touch better. If I disappear again, feel free to give a yell at me.

Until next time,

I'm coming out of my writer closet... More about me beyond the bio.

Friday, June 13, 2014

First Kiss Friday: Blood Royals

He dipped forward, his lips meeting hers in a sweet union.
This was my first kiss too, or at least the first one I ever wrote.  You can read the whole kiss from the original post by clicking here.
This First Kiss Friday is from Blood Royals series. Available in individual ebook format at Liquid Silver Books and now also in a print collection at Amazon!!
Of Blood and Blessings When a relatively young, half-demon named Grant is "outed", he's forced to leave behind the comfortable life he'd built. While fighting his would-be assassins and denying his inexplicable addiction for a human girl, Grant promises to do whatever it takes to make Amelia happy. 

Blood Reign In order to protect her son, Sadrina returns to the one demon she’s always loved and the hell he rules over. To prove her right to rule at his side she must complete tests including passing judgment over the most notorious of her kind—her father, Sadaen.

Blood Justice Sadaen’s quest for justice and redemption leads him to the arms of an angel determined to execute him. His only hope is to bind them together with a deal that could destroy them both.

Want to know a little more about the Blood Royals Trilogy? You can find excerpts and related books here. Don't forget to check out my other First Kiss Friday posts. Or just stop back in on Fridays.
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