Friday, January 29, 2010

New Editor Hoo-rah!

With as many books as I have published it is safe to say I've had more than a couple editors. Every new contract brings with it the niggle of worry about the new editor that will follow. That's right, some of my publishing houses bounce authors between editors depending on who has time available. It's a bit of a crap shoot. You might get an awesome professional, the over-zealous new employee, one too busy or preoccupied to focus on your manuscript baby, or even one too cynic to work with well.

Yeah publishing is a big bad world sometimes.

And other times it is like hitting the lotto. In the last couple days, I received my first round of edits on Amethyst Bound which will be coming soon with Carina Press. This time I can honestly say I feel like a winner.

Opening the file was done with bated breath, but just moments later I was letting it out on a relieved sigh. Thank you Deb N for all your work. You rock! Hoo-RAH!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow...

It was a wonderful white Christmas here in PA. Had a great time playing in the snow and watching the fantasy like white world fall all around me.

*happy sigh*

I LOVE snow. I mean really love it. There is something pure and beautiful beyond words about fresh snow covering my hillside in white. Or maybe it just covers up the flaws in a real life. (cynical side showing)

Tonight as I walked home from the parents, I was amazed by the number of tracks already running through the fresh -only hours old- snow. Deer, turkey, dog, cat, rabbit and a few I couldn't identify. Lots of deer tonight. Looks like the herd spent some time hanging out in my yard. I may have even heard them running off as I came through. I've been thinking about sneaking back out to see if they came back.

But I haven't because of the other side of winter.

It's cold out there. And I do not like the cold. *shiver* I'll be very happy when the warm weather returns. Might miss the snow, but not enough to complain. *grin*.

On another note. This week HBO was offering season one of Trueblood on demand for free. The moment I saw it was available I suggested all innocent like that my mom should watch the series premier to see if she liked it. She agreed all mom-like and took her current book with her to settle in on the sofa. Clearly she was being social and supportive to her paranormal romance writing daughter. I nodded. Yep, could live with that. She'd made cookies. It's all good.

So she watches episode one... no more than five minutes in and her book is pitched to the side and she is groaning and eeping and laughing at Jason Stackhouse for being so dumb.

Yep she was hooked.

I'd seen the season already but thought what the heck. I could putter through some editing on the netbook while it was on. (riiight, lol) So it goes like this...

"So mom, want to watch episode 2 now?"

"Okay, but just one more. Can't stay up too late." (it's only about 8 pm)

"All right."

::play episode 2::

"Oh okay. That was pretty good. Just one more."

::play episode 3::

"It's getting late." She yawns. "Go ahead and start one more. I'll get some coffee."

Now by this point I'm laughing my ass off. She's obviously way into Trueblood, hooked well and good for sure. But she's still playing it cool. So I'm playing it cool. And keep hitting play for her. This goes on until almost three in the morning. It was a hoot! By then she was admitting to enjoying it and setting up to have another marathon to finish the season the next night.

So I say, Thank you HBO! You've won over a new fan for Trueblood!

Enough of my rambling. Hope you all are finding something in the world to enjoy, be it the snow or a good show on the telly.


Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

I just got home from a nice quiet new years with hubby. He's so sweet. It was a private thing, just the two of us. Very nice. *smile*

Hope everyone else out there took a moment to feel blessed for making it through another year. Such things are often too easily taken for granted. I know I'm guilty of missing the moments in favor of the bigger-better-brighter future. Here in the quiet (if you consider singing birds, playing dogs and more than a little loud music...quiet) I've been having some deep thoughts. Some about the past year and all that has happened and some about the year to come which I hope will be just as filled with wonder.

Sometimes I forget, but I am blessed. I have family and friends around me. I have health and freedom to chase my dreams. I have much. I am blessed.

That doesn't stop me from looking forward and planning to conquer the coming year. With my list of "resolutions" in hand I will take my blessed life and remaining vigilant in keeping all that I hold dear and if possible making 2010 even better for my family and friends, and yes for me too.

And in the meantime, here's an old wives tale to brighten your chances. This one comes from my mom. She claims if you shake your empty purse at the blue moon and call out "fill it up, fill it up, fill it up" you'll be brought wealth. And these days who couldn't use a little more wealth. (brb) (back) Well I shook my purse. Did you? *grin*

Happy New Years to you! May karma be on your side and you dreams within your reach!