Friday, August 18, 2006

Life or something like it...

Nothing earth shattering to share at the moment but wanted to post a bunch of updates.

I'm editing like crazy on Lynx Clan: Forgiven.
Lynx Clan: Forgiven-Genre: Shifter/Rating: Wild/Release Date TBA Kelly uses her psychic powers for good. Saxxon has been using his werewolf powers for evil. But when he escapes his abusive captors, heÂ’s given a slim chance to be free of the torture and drugs. Will they survive long enough to find love?

Yeah I stink at writing blurbs. If I could afford to I would hire someone just for that job. So Forgiven is working my tail off in edits. Thanks you Melissa (editor at Cobblestone). She hasn't even pulled out the whip yet. With some major luck I'll have the edits back to her by the end of today. :)

I am heading up a promotion for Cobblestone called Weird and Wild Wednesday. It is just like what it sounds. Every Wednesday, the paranormal authors of Cobblestone Press throw open the doors and welcome in the public for a mini party. This takes place on the Cobblestone Discussion Loop 7:00 central every Wednesday. There will be blurbs, excerpts, contests, prizes and if this week was any sign then really bad vampire jokes too.
In other news...

My newsletter group is going strong. Be sure to watch and see if you won a monthly contest. Some of them require you to contact me. I wouldn't want you to miss out on any freebies.

Have a few ideas for promotional give aways. Did some printing out of items here at home and am looking at a few other possible options.

Before I got into edits, I made good headway on my next novel, Dead Men's Nails: Kindred Spirit. I can't wait to finish and show it off to everyone. Most of August will be taken up by edits but then in September and October I will be
working on DMN:Kindred Spirit, Eagle Clan: Destiny, Tascryn:Blood Reign, Tascryn:Surviving Synn, as well as plotting EC:Journey and LC:Forgotten.

I'll also be taking my computer in for a check up, updating some work at Lulu and updating my website ... Guess with all this on my to-do list, I'd better get to work.


editing to the new Tool CD. It is yummy. :D

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yummy new cover!

Will you check out my awesome new cover!! Anne Cain did this cover for Vali's Curse and I am tickled pink over how wonderful it turned out. Isn't this guy YUMMY??

Vali's Curse
by L. Shannon
Cobblestone Press Shifter Tryst

The moment Vali ran naked from the woods, Deltinica was captivated by his wild nature. But he was so much more than she ever expected. He was a man cursed. And she was a woman in love. She wasn't about to let his wolfish nature make him a stray forever.

Come meet the first Valafrn in this new fantasy romance.

editing Vali's Curse to "Do This Anymore" by Nickelback

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Channeling emotions...

I have been called emotional. And it wasn't meant as a compliment. I'm sure at the time the insult took hold and I probably expressed some not so nice emotions in reaction. But now looking back all I can think is... Wow, I'll bet being emotional makes me a better writer...

The day I first started thinking about writing a book I was very upset (to say the least) and needed an outlet for all my pain and anger before I ended up doing some prison-worthy behavior. It worked well. I kept my freedom and my characters were born. Don't get me wrong. My characters are not me. So far I don't think I have a single one that is me in essence and trust me that is almost certainly a good thing. However each new character has some part of me inside them and not always the pretty parts.

So now when my emotions are running hot I grab the laptop and type it all in. And yes, like many writers I have allowed my enemies to suffer through my words. It's fun and a lot like exorcising demons. Or rather like letting my demons out to play.

The other day someone was mean to my mom and after dealing with the real world, I settled in and let Sgrios kill him. Yep, that's right. Sgrios is one of my favorites for just that reason. If I want someone torn limb from limb, he's happy to do the job. Now if I want someone to really suffer... then I send Dion. And the other side of emotions gets spread around.

Yesterday I lost one of my dogs very suddenly, and today I am dealing with the grief over not being ready to say good bye. I've been involved in dog breeding for over 20 years and though I haven't had any litters in ages, the adults are still part of my family. They will be here with me until either the perfect home comes along or they pass away. Each one is special and the hardest part of having many pets is their passing comes more often. And it is one thing that happening more often does not make it easier. In the past five years, I lost 4 dogs to old age. As hard as that was, at least it was expected. I had time to say goodbye.

Today I see my little Tori's golden gaze everywhere I look. I hear her funny howl that says she wants my attention. I feel her thick coat brush against my leg. Damn. I miss her smiling face so much that it's a physical pain.

Sgrios is offering to kill people for me but I somehow don't think that will help. Dion is offer to slay some dragons and again, I don't think it will help. Maybe today, I'll spend some time with Dan. He has some seriously sad shit to work through. Maybe we can do it together.

writing to "I stand alone" by Godsmack.