Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holiday Musing


They hold a personal meaning that is individual to each of us. To me they are a general feeling. Have you ever walked into a crowd of last minute shoppers? The wave of colorful clothing. The occasional festive soul who dares to wear red and green, seasonal shirts, or best of all, a santa hat. Sure you have the not so inspirational attitudes of those who lack in spirit, the parent who doesn't enjoy the shopping frenzy to find the right gift for their child. Yet, overall, there is an air to the season that simply feels different.

I don't decorate very much at home. Most years I don't finish sending out greeting cards. I don't have too many people to shop for. Yet, I have gone out into the masses and shared the spirit of Christmas. I have held a door open for the mother carrying six stuffed bags of toys. I have emptied my pockets in the Salvation Army tins. I have wished Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to complete strangers. And in the next week, leading up to the 25th, I will do that much again and again, and more.

Take a deep breath, step into the crowded mall, share the season.

For its not near so much fun alone.

Happy Holidays!! Merry Christmas!!

And to all a good night...